Making some updates on my website, trying to figure out the combination of font sizes, styles and weight I like the most and where to apply them.


Playing around with bringing images back on the front page of my website, I'm pretty happy of how this looks :3

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I’ve also been working on pages to explain how i work with commissions

I’m wondering, what kind of information are you looking for / is useful to you when you’re looking to hire an artist for commission work?

@helveticablanc thanks! Next is those sections under the main image that need some love :3


The preview with the font forced my hand and made me click. Love the colors and really dig the font. Cool stuff!


An indication of the time required would be useful, both for the sketches and the final work.

I'll forward your page to some friends who can be interested (the customers of @rapitadaglialieni are too much "church-oriented" for this sort of things 😄)

@ritualdust @rapitadaglialieni

Perhaps you can give an indicative time for the sketch, stating that a more precise time for the final work will be calculated after the selection of the sketch, since from it you know, more or less, how much it takes you to make the work.

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