I'm curious, what's your favorite album art (cover yes, but also CD booklet and other accompanying visuals). That has always been a thing that attracts me to an album and made the experience of getting a physical copy and listening to it really amazing.

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@ritualdust hard to deny how great the feeling is holding an album sleeve while listening to it for the first time. I have so many favorites but just got this one in from discogs last week and can't stop looking at it.

@ritualdust that was a hard one to track down, but 黒百合姉妹's 星のひとみ is very very nice. I had a physical copy of it a long time ago, and the booklet is just a single superwide painting.

@ritualdust 1968, joni mitchell, song to a seagull

it might not be objectively good or interesting from anyone else's perspective, but I really appreciate how it stylistically doesn't match the pared-down acoustics of the album, how it implies a different context to the thing than does the cover of e.g. nick drake's five leaves left Since I Left You by The Avalanches which itself is a crop of the oil painting The Sinking of USS President Lincoln by Fred Dana Marsh.


In the Court of the Crimson King, 1969.

Cover painted by Barry Godber (1946–1970).

I tagged it as sensitive because it is still triggering some people.

@ritualdust My recent favorites on vinyl:
- "songs" by Adrienne Lenker
- "The Baby" by Samia
- the booklet for "Punisher" by Phoebe Bridgers, but I actually don't love the cover

I'm just disappointed when lyrics aren't included. I can't understand artists who go to the trouble of making a beautiful art object and then don't care if people understand what they are saying when they sing.

@ritualdust Pretty much anything by Russell Mills has always been an inspiration to me - besides the obvious Nine Inch Nails sleeves, his work on Sylvian, Eno, Budd, Gabriel all stand out. Not only his album & book covers, his art in general.

@ritualdust hard to decide but I've always been a fan of NINs art and their digipak foldout packaging

@VenatioDecorus big fan of the too, I was going through mine and that's what prompted me to ask :)

@ritualdust I’m kind of partial to All Them Witches’ “Lightning at the Door” album! On top of having some neato chalk artwork, it’s a phenomal blues rock jam that sonically reminds me of, like, a totem pole or something. I dig it 🥰

@ritualdust I just love Hot Sauce Comity Part Two.

Don’t really know why, but I always grab it and have a look when I go past it.

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