Practicing freehanding with some body paint while waiting on my rotary tattoo machine ~

Made a small creepy doll prop for some photos we took last weekend, it's strongly inspired by the ones in Hereditary and Blair witch ~

The tool chest journey continues, I found some new antique tools this weekend and It motivated me to get back to it. The next step is to mount it on the wall, so I'm making some french cleats.

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Seeing myself in some photos my partner took of me last weekend made me realize that I had become the person that I wanted to be for years. The ghost is finally reintegrating her body ~

intense emotional music, screams 

It's time for another Blood and Dust song preview, we've been really inspired lately and came up with this disturbing deep forest trip in which you get devoured by nature. I'm still in the process of mixing the thing and any tips or advice on that would be greatly appreciated :)

Finished that little wheel guy! Once I start tattooing for real, I'll definitely make a Dark Souls inspired flash sheet :3

There wasn't enough wind for sailing but I learned a lot of fun sailing things ~

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And as usual, I'm working on 12 things at the same time so here's the other project on my workbench right now, a 3D printed model of Gravelord Nito from Dark Souls with a custom base ~

Found out about this rare Dungeons & Dragons album recently and have been listening to it while drawing, it's super cheesy but also great, definitely some early dungeon synth inspiration:

Now that all my client work is done I can go back to drawing silly skeletons for fun ~

wound special FX makeup 

Practiced some special effects makeup without any latex yesterday and I'm pretty happy (disturbed) by the results.

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