Wearing my swamp lantern shirt in an old cemetery lost in the backwoods of Ontario while on adventure with @voidxwitch

Designing books and zines is so much fun, I could make cool spreads like this all day.
Feat. @voidxwitch

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And I'm done with my first tattoo flash sheet! It's been a process but it's really satisfying to have all these drawing fitting well on a sheet like that. If you're around Montreal and want one of these, reach out to me :)

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Went digging into by old blog and found some photos of the props I made for a Call of Cthulhu game in my late teens. I kinda want to try making some of those again, I've learned so much about drawing and design since I wonder what the result would look like. Also if you DM for TTRPG, I strongly recommend trying adding props to a game, it makes the whole experience so much more immersive :)

I've been researching and learning a lot about the construction of old Irish stone cottages and how to properly restore them. It's quite interesting how a lot of the modern best practices don't apply or are actually counterproductive in the process. I'm really starting to appreciate the simple but resilient design of stone houses

I'm done selecting the pieces for issue 2 of , I'm now deep in the layout phase of it and trying new things with the text this time :)

Our artist copies of the limited edition run fo Crust on vinyl are up for grabs on our bandcamp merch page! Get yourself a dreadful folk-horror tale about bog bodies for spooky season.

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Printed this month's linocut early this time, I was really excited to see how this block would turn out

Got around to tattooing another of my demon engravings last night on a good friend :3

Finally completed this crazy illustration I did for the black metal band Ossuary Wraith. My biggest ink piece to date and one that taught me so many new things ~ I'm taking commissions for merch like that and album covers btw ;)

Finally received our vinyl copies of Crust from the label and it's so cool to have music on this kind of physical media for the first time :D Still figuring out shipping costs, but we should have those on our Bandcamp soon!

It's nice to remember the original slogan of the internet

Our ritual show for the end of summer is over, now death season can start

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