Recently got some fake skin to practice on, it's really tough and doesn't feel anything like real skin but it's a lot of fun to practice shading and the hand speed/voltage relationship :3

Hello good folks of Merveilles! My partner is currently looking for this kind of goth ninja pants, ideally in Canada and I was wondering if any of you knew some good places for that :)

Slowly going through all the spreads of the first issue of Fantômes and adding some illustrations and page borders ~

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Found some round fruits to practice tattooing onto and got some proper ink

Slowly starting to layout the pages of the Fantômes zine and draw some page borders, I'm still taking submissions until Jan 31st if any of you is interested :)

Couldn't get wood delivered for my bed project today so I carved and painted a smol word instead.

Documented my first year walk in photos, that's a tradition that I'll definitely keep in the future ~

Slowly coming to the realization that I often prefer my pencil drawing to my ink ones

Made a winter variation of my morning oats recipe since the winter solstice is coming soon ~

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