@grey oh thanks! that's beautiful typography indeed, very victorian. I love collecting gravestone typography when i go on cemetery walks :)

My website find of the day is this one: bestiary.ca/index.html A medieval bestiary with a gallery of illustrations from illuminations for a long list of fictional and real animals.

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“Growth is one of the stupidest purposes ever invented by any culture; we’ve got to have an enough. We should always ask ‘growth of what, and why, and for whom, and who pays the cost, and how long can it last, and what’s the cost to the planet, and how much is enough?’”

Donella Meadows via Kate Raworth

Donella Meadows was the environmental scientist who was the lead author on 1972 "The Limits to Growth" report for the Club or Rome.

@voidxwitch @helveticablanc you were right, making shirt designs for bands is a great way to increase a collection of band shirts haha

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Wearing my swamp lantern shirt in an old cemetery lost in the backwoods of Ontario while on adventure with @voidxwitch

@rek indeed! C’est cool de voir de tes planches aussi! Je me suis remise a lire de la bd ces temps-ci et ca me fait vraiment apprécier le travail qui va la dedans :)

Designing books and zines is so much fun, I could make cool spreads like this all day.
Feat. @voidxwitch

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@rek @rostiger yeaah that's impressive, I saw a great video of Junji Ito inking with a dip pen too. I really encourage you to try it, I'm curious to see the result :3

@cblgh I wish they would be bring back the victorian bed warmer pans too

@rostiger @rek oh and for the nibs i find myself using two primarily, a very fine flexible one and a slightly wider typography one :)

@rek oh i'd be curious to try that. refilling microns. It would probably work great for inking comics I've been thinking that while working on some drawings recently, i find i work faster and in a more expressive way with the dip pens :)

@slink not yet but i hear good things about the rotring ones :)

@rostiger @rek oh noo yeah that must suck, I try to use a blotter sheet on the side to remove excess in or try it when reloading it before going to the actual drawing

@virtuallight it is a thing on merveilles yes, you’ll see when it comes ;)

@neauoire i haven't tried writing with it too much yet, I'm curious how my handwriting's gonna adapt to that

@lyncia micron pens, they're disposable fixed width ink markers used by a lot of artists :) sakuraofamerica.com/new-pigma-

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