@grey Simple spray paint, that's the best I found for wooden items that get a lot of use, also I really like the look when it gets polished with time and the wood starts to show through

@neauoire right those things! Maybe I could integrate a Rube Goldberg mechanism in there haha

The tool chest adventure can continue since I'm done with the missing hammer handle. All the supports are in and the first coat of oil is applied to the inside. I'm going with a natural wood interior and a black painted exterior.

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Beside that dead tree with a hole cut in I also found some nice pieces of blue-green spalted wood

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Went on a walk on the forest at the top of mount Royal today and saw some great trees, bugs, and bug-eaten trees

@tindall feel like it was made for this, this is great XD

@tendigits thanks! I feel like I'm finding a format that I like for documenting and sharing these projects :)

Made a post on my website for the hammer handle project with more details on how I made it and finished it: ritualdust.com/craft/hammer-ha

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Learning about Japanese sawhorses and realizing I've been using something similar to cut wood in this new apartment. The low ones are really my favorites because working low to the ground really helps applying more force to the saw and using your body weight to hold the work makes the setup really simple.

@oppen that's gorgeous, wish i was standing in there ~

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The Rollright Stones again, this was the best photo I got

@atabi Oh that's very comprehensive, thanks for sharing that, another fun rabbit hole to go down into :D

my photo organization workflow on linux, a thread 

@anahata that's nice to hear, I'm coming from lightroom, I could never get myself to use iPhoto haha

my photo organization workflow on linux, a thread 

@postulate thanks for sharing this! I’m in the process of transitioning my creative workflows from mac to linux, this made it feel definitely more approachable and doable :)

@atabi Thanks a lot for the tips, what are the advantages of bromelia oil apart from faster drying, I'm curious about it :) and thanks ~

@grey got a foldable rolling basket for groceries recently for 40$ that does a better job than that thing 🙄

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I'm making a tiny basket out of dandelion stems!
Its been finicky and took me a while to figure out. But its coming along!

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