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No no, I said "polyarmory." I have several dozen longswords

And I'm done with the vampiric lock, so excited to see my partner's reaction when i give it to them tomorrow :3

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Cooking a plant-based pâté chinois for dinner tonight (not remotely a chinese dish)

Just picked up 80 copies worth of printed pages for I'm gonna have a binding party before expozine next weekend 😬

There's a fluffy creature living under the synth close to the radiator

More progress on the vampiric lock, I've also started making a box to contain it

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next year satanic polycules are going to overrun London, just you watch

As a reference, here is the drawing I'm basing myself off. There's something really satisfying in taking drawings and making them into physical artefacts ~

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The main shape is finished and detailed, time to start making that cute little face.

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Starting work on my partner's birthday present. A vampiric lock based on an old drawing that I did last year.

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Taking care of my website today, adding the new things I've been busy with lately, updating my now, listening and watching pages, and making sure my hardware and software pages reflect my current setup changes 🌿

Pretty happy with the second hand record of monastery bells I bought yesterday

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Hello fediverse I'm looking for accounts to follow that post SciFi and Fantasy imagery or related content from the 70's/80's/90's. also looking to connect with queer folks who paint miniatures, enjoy TTRPGs, board games, make indie videogames and/or general other nerdy stuff. The more spooky the better also!

If that's something you're in to or know folks that are, please send them my way! feel free to boost this post too! :)


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