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late capitalism gothic 

you receive an email. it tells you you have a message, just click the portal. the portal brings you to a home page, you find the link to the specific page, and then the link to log in to the actual portal. the portal has a messaging system, but there are no indicators you have a message. you go to the inbox. there is your message. you open it. it informs you you have a message, just click here to read it. you click. a blank page pops up on your screen, and never loads.

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🗿 Palaeontological memoirs and notes of H. Falconer, with a biographical sketch of the author.
London, 1868.

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Corpse exhumed
and heart cremated
to lay ghost.

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"it's the body that makes music, programs computers, writes words, converses with others, cooks food…"

I've been playing the game Mundaun recently and I fell in love with it's pencilled textures and alpine landscapes, it inspired me to draw this.

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And done tattooing, the stencil makes lining a lot easier than just a hand drawn guide

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A wizard conjures up a tanned hide helm. It's adorned with embroidery of spider webs. It's worth a lot.

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when my words weren't working yesterday i made myself a little title page in the magic notebook

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I am thrilled to announce—My first Atari 26OO game
SOUL OF THE BEAST is coming to the AtariAge store as a physical cart release !

After nearly 2 years of dev, trying to make it as good as it can be, I am so proud of it.

If I may be so bold as to share something from birdsite...

Found the first typeface I made, it's really interesting how even tho I was really into modern design and stuff it was inspired by alchemy and those letters are totally sigils

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Just received my copy of Fantomes, it looks sick as hell.
👻 well done @ritualdust for putting this together, and everyone who collaborated works!

uncut version ftw

All orders of have now shipped! Expect your copy in the coming days :)

Started my written correspondence today, writing and illustrating the first letter took 2 hours and got me into such a nice introspective place. Really glad to be communicating that way again.

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