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Made a little print out of one of my recent illustrations, I had so much fun that I might try to make one every month

One thing that has been bringing us joy lately is the return of the baby ducks in the pond beside our place ~

Made a short power cable to connect the monitor to the same external battery i use to run my camera, the whole rig is quite lighter and more balanced now :3

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I'm so happy that little article I write about personal website is still inspiring people, including the person making this cool goth eurorack zine: :)

@rek your okonomiyaki recipe is quickly becoming my favorite lunch option, it's just so simple and good ~

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hey, i’m hex (they/them), a nonbinary artist and musician living in Tiohtià:ke/so-called montréal. i’ve hopped over from another instance to the Punk House to connect with more people in the local community.

i’m in an experimental ritual ambient/horror drone band called Blood and Dust. i play cello sadly and aggressively, and sing likewise. i’m also currently learning music production and working on a solo project (details TBA). i like to dress up, wear corpse paint, and take photos in creepy places at night.

weird, goth, introvert, and a late-blooming and recovering queer living with chronic illness and pain. i have an affinity for things dark and deep, and my art and interests lean heavily towards these things on various levels. i’m an anarchist stepping into their integrity with lots to learn. witch.

looking forward to getting to know more people on here and at events.



first impressions, it's a bit too front heavy with that lens but work nicely with the cheap diana lens. I also figured out that the battery plate has 2 outputs, one for the camera and one that's conveniently the voltage that the monitor needs, so i'll try powering both things out one battery.

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The last time we rowed around Pino to take a picture goes back a few years, it's nice to have a new one with all the modifications we made.

Trying out this little handheld camera rig tonight in preparation for shooting a music video

Thinking about what music must have sounded like before we came up with the whole notation system and rythmic structure thing

Rediscovered my old Diana lens, I had forgotten how delightfully bad it's image quality and focus is ~

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We spent yesterday's evening in a field waiting for dusk. The sun light faded away, colors dimmed into a dark monochromatic scenery.

We used thin rays of light to reveal the intricate beauty of this rather common, unspectacular landscape.

Music courtesy of a local black bird.

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@ritualdust We also have some rusty old cow bells that we ring when it's time for fika / lunch / dinner and one of us is out working.

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