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Perfectly normal island where absolutely nothing weird is going on at all.

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Registration is open for Roots Deeper Than Whiteness again!

I cannot, cannot, CANNOT recommend this course enough.

Just realized that the whole discography of Jim Kirkwood was available for free on bandcamp! An endless source of great fantasy ambient and proto dungeon synth :)

Printed this month's linocut early this time, I was really excited to see how this block would turn out

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My personal Laon favourites are the hippo and the rhino above the western gates. I mean... a naturalistisc hippo and a rhino? How cool is that. The first hippo since antiquity was brought to Europe in 1823. But these artists have definitely seen such an animal, which means they traveled a lot.

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Drawing a new flash sheet for the coming of death season and I'm getting excited 😬

Got around to tattooing another of my demon engravings last night on a good friend :3

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Seems like a good morning to once again say this: Abolish the Monarchy.

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wind blowing through leaves
overcast with a cool breeze
yay, hiking season!

Finally completed this crazy illustration I did for the black metal band Ossuary Wraith. My biggest ink piece to date and one that taught me so many new things ~ I'm taking commissions for merch like that and album covers btw ;)

It's starting to feel like fall, which means blasting dungeon synth and baking banana bread :3

My mom and her partner left a couple days ago for a 1-2 year sailing trip, I'm now getting updates of their boat's draught, their location and the little problems they encountered, it's pretty nice :)

Finally received our vinyl copies of Crust from the label and it's so cool to have music on this kind of physical media for the first time :D Still figuring out shipping costs, but we should have those on our Bandcamp soon!

Also can’t believe they translated the title to “Ben non” in Quebec XD

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Just saw “Nope” and damn it’s definitely my favorite ufo movie now and my favourite from Jordan Peele

Getting my fingers tattooed, everything is pain but it’s gonna be so cool

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