@aearil @royniang I'm on windows and I've been trying this github.com/timuntersberger/nog. Seems nice so far but i haven't done enough with it to have an informed opinion on it

@Pulsaare I've gotten into it for a little bit a few times but it has not really stuck with me, I plan on trying again in a few weeks or so though

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Reminder that there's a Neuvoids Discord server, I want to make it more active, so if you're up to post on it, follow this link => discord.gg/eKXGkna

(boots allowed)

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Finally some positive news out of the White House.

@madewithtea that's the great thing about go, you can just kinda compile for that extra architecture without any extra overhead or having to actually compile from the arch. It's great πŸ‘Œ

@cancel completely unrelated but what's your issue with GTK? I've not written much using either and i'm interested

@rainonwires ez. That's the joys of having programming language with a runtime like C#.

@rainonwires should be fairly doable. I'm not a C# programmer but afaik using mono you should be able to compile a linux binary without too much effort

@ice @jrc03c @nomand This is an interesting conversation. How does performance/memory usage compare vs something similar in electron. I'm assuming it wouldn't be as efficient as something in C++ or C, but this might be a good middle ground?

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I will not be putting the Elon Musk coin in my head

@changbai Wow dude this is really cool, thanks for sharing

@glyph Yeah they have a lot of energy on stage. Once lockdown is open it's definitely a group I'd want to see live.

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"I will not use Firefox anymore, I will use that other browser that focuses on bitcoin and ads."

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So many people saying they're switching from Firefox. Won't this only make the problem worse?

If you're switching to Brave or qutebrowser or UnGoogled Chromium or something, you're only strengthening Google's monopoly. If you're switching to a Webkit-based browser like Epiphany, you're shifting the monopoly towards Safari, whose parent company doesn't consider the Web a priority.

That Mozilla has bad management doesn't change the fact that Firefox is the most viable option for the open web.

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