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@Merristasis No worries, this shit is everywhere and most places have good and bad sides that are completely unrelated

@Merristasis that said I think an image board or forum of sorts could be interesting, especially because of the ability to have longer, more nuanced conversations

@Merristasis The first post i looked at was about the pros of national socialism and how hitler was actually also a nazbol if you just read mein kampf. One click away from the frontpage, yikes.

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"EARN IT" act. What a lame and pretentious name to start with.

US want to hold content providers legally accountable for the contents their users post, PLUS they want to take away end-to-end encryption to the big companies using it (e.g. whatsapp).

I find it deeply disturbing, especially in times like that.
I hope this will will bring people closer to federated and distributed/decentralized networks.
Which is a good thing on its own, btw.

So i discovered last night that i can't pause an octoprint job and then disconnect the printer and expect it to resume, time to spend more time printing today i guess.

On the bright side though, i do now know that what i made fits and works for what i want to do so that's nice

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Uighurs that were put in concentration camps are now being forced to make products at factories including for Apple, Nike, and Dell...

“The Washington Post visited a factory mentioned in the report , which produces trainers for sports giant Nike. It said it resembled a prison, with barbed wire, watchtowers, cameras and a police station.” I did some music again. I find that I don't have much time for it but whenever i do have time i'm more inspired

So now that brexit has sort of happened I've been seeing a lot of people on twitter calling for "nexit" where they want the netherlands to leave as well and I just can't get my head around how people in my country look at the clusterfuck that is brexit and go "yeah that's something I want"

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ukpol eupol 

Not a bad thing per se, they do look quite scenic sometimes. I just hadn't really thought about it that much until I started coming there regularly

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There's so many people taking pictures of the canals all the time

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I'd not been to amsterdam much before my internship but in the last few weeks it's surprised me how many tourists come there

Though i've been making long days and traveling a lot for my internship, i notice it's really good for my mental health and it's really nice

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