@dfr nope, not that i could find, unfortunately.

@dfr I'm sad that the windows version doesn't have it yet, it looks really satisfying.

@neauoire I love the style on all of these. You get surprisingly detailed with just two colours

@dfr "Add audio player in web UI" 👀 👀 niceee

It took some time but i've finally managed to build a site with webpack + emscripten with support for std::thread

It's thanks to this mastodon instance i learned about scrollbar-color and scrollbar-width css properties that change the scrollbar in firefox. My life has been changed 😍

I keep coming back to this song this week. youtube.com/watch?v=U5VTEFSRp5 . I really want to make something like this but more electronic at some point, guess we'll see a WIP at some point.

I've been doing ear training for music for a bit now and it's encouraging to listen to songs and recognize more progressions/melodies.

@stephen That'd be interesting, but i'm honestly not sure how well it'd work. It doesn't take every transaction into account because of the massive amount of transactions that happen. I'm not sure if there's a way to make it predictable (at least not without rewriting the way it handles input data).

I'm aware audio and video are desynced, couldn't find a way to sync it up properly unfortunately. It runs in a webpage though, which is sync.

It's just a little idea I had, taking cryptocurrency or stock transactions and using them as a basis for generative music.


I'm a (for now) hobby programmer and musician, studying music production but somehow ended up focussing my studies more on DSP and creative programming.

I also make music under the name kitsun (kitsun.co/)


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