Time for the occasional "this is what i've been working on" toot. this just released today and i'm really proud to have contributed.

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The 4 stages of music making :

1 - This sounds unexpectedly nice.
2 - This is dope, I love it, everyone will love it, let’s record a 1 hour long track, it’s sheer awesomeness and I feel happy like I never did, I can’t stop headbanging oh wow.
3 - This is shit. I am shit. Everything is shit.
4 - This could be nice, but it’s too much effort to fix, let’s make a new track instead.

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Nazis on Reddit having second thoughts installing the Parler web app because it’s a “progressive” web app.

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@aearil @royniang I'm on windows and I've been trying this github.com/timuntersberger/nog. Seems nice so far but i haven't done enough with it to have an informed opinion on it

@Pulsaare I've gotten into it for a little bit a few times but it has not really stuck with me, I plan on trying again in a few weeks or so though

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Reminder that there's a Neuvoids Discord server, I want to make it more active, so if you're up to post on it, follow this link => discord.gg/eKXGkna

(boots allowed)

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Finally some positive news out of the White House.

@madewithtea that's the great thing about go, you can just kinda compile for that extra architecture without any extra overhead or having to actually compile from the arch. It's great 👌

@cancel completely unrelated but what's your issue with GTK? I've not written much using either and i'm interested

@rainonwires ez. That's the joys of having programming language with a runtime like C#.

@rainonwires should be fairly doable. I'm not a C# programmer but afaik using mono you should be able to compile a linux binary without too much effort

@ice @jrc03c @nomand This is an interesting conversation. How does performance/memory usage compare vs something similar in electron. I'm assuming it wouldn't be as efficient as something in C++ or C, but this might be a good middle ground?

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I will not be putting the Elon Musk coin in my head

@changbai Wow dude this is really cool, thanks for sharing

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