Though i've been making long days and traveling a lot for my internship, i notice it's really good for my mental health and it's really nice

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@jere @neauoire from the same author: "Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution" is also worth reading

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"Capitalism's growth imperative stands radically at odds with ecology's imperative of interdependence and limit. These two imperatives can no longer co-exist with each other. Either we establish an ecological society, or society will go under for everyone."

-Ursula le Guin




@neauoire Yeah it's not that much, when I flew to the UK last month I paid 1 euro extra for carbon neutral flying.

As much as I hate the Qt licensing and the way they require you to preprocess your C++ files, It seems a lot better than building an electron App imo. Startup times and file sizes are significantly lower

Got back from the UK yesterday and spent some time working on converting some framework stuff from visual studio to cmake. I hate how cluttered and messy a lot of C++ projects feel so writing some cmake files to make all my future projects cleaner is really worth it and surprisingly painless thus far

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@Lutrinus probably could get a cheap midi controller and traktor. I haven't bought any in a while but when I started I bought a cheap second hand numark mixtrack. As long as it has two jog wheels, a crossfader, some band eq and seperate volume channels it should be enough for learning

i've not nearly been as productive as I'd want to be recently, going to try my hardest to improve on that and hopefully get some stuff with screenshots soon

@dfr nope, not that i could find, unfortunately.

@dfr I'm sad that the windows version doesn't have it yet, it looks really satisfying.

@neauoire I love the style on all of these. You get surprisingly detailed with just two colours

@dfr "Add audio player in web UI" 👀 👀 niceee

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