Looks like nvim can do that. So now I’m using nvim-qt to "remotely" work stuff that needs UNIX on a VM, and gvim on my actual stuff on windows

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I wish there was something like emacs tramp for vim. The scenario being: using vim GUI to connect to a remote vim in my virtual machines. No sshfs, no scp, just transparently using my vm’s vim through something else than a terminal

If you try to act smart and filter the div with an extension, the navbar doesn’t get smaller… the funny thing is that they have a preloaded navbar which is perfect that get dropped once the whole page is loaded

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People complained that Dropbox keeps harassing its PAYING customers to upgrade to a more expensive plan, so their solution is to make the nagging message smaller (used to be a popup notification iirc)

I have to say, I really like Zig. It’s pretty fun to use, easy to parse and write. Excited about what it will become :)

I’m also going to say something controversial: I’m going to put my public wiki down. It’s an unneeded mental weight for me, I hope that you’ll understand.

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I migrated to a new account with my real name, so as informal intro:

Hello, I’m Romain Hervier, I’m a multidisciplinary artist, designer and programmer.

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