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Re-launching my personal wiki with more content and a slightly better layout:

I decided to try also publishing some unfinished / in-progress pages so that the reader sees how it's under construction. Would love any feedback on how that feels and whether it's useful or not.

About 50 public pages so far.

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Hello/Bonjour/Hola πŸ™‚

Rosano here, mesmerized to meet you all.

My home base is Montreal, but I travel often.

I usually say I work at the intersection of music, design, and technology. After making my own iOS apps for almost a decade, I now find myself drawn towards the open web and federated systems. I have experience with the piano, drums, and a little Ableton. I learn languages to meet new people.

Super excited to collide with the particles in this glorious kaleidoscope.✌🏽

Evolution one

using a blog system has opened up a new channel of expression for me, curious to see how far this goes

not every thought is worth sharing, but lighting up the grid helps better ideas emerge

visiting montreal december 8–11, please say hello if you're around πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

thanks to the fine folks at for backing me this week ❀️

Mustafa and i share values around data autonomy and making it simple for people to get into apps and so i'm looking forward to seeing what they build over the next few years

@pixouls notification sounds have a very small time window, which is a challenging restriction. It's a very different time scale to deal with compared to more typical compositions. For example, naive approaches like mapping a character to a pitch can quickly yield motifs that take too long and are annoying.

If you know it's going to be an actual word and not random text, you could always start by sending the word into a TTS like espeak, then add some processing to that like putting it through a vocoder to make it more musical.

Text can be used as a seed for some generative micro composition. probably something very granular in nature. But not necessarily. Brian Eno did a lot of ring tones and notification sounds at this time scale (most famously his work designing the windows 95 sound). There's also some Nokia(?) ringtones that were interesting as well. I don't think they were generative, but they do show it's possible short, dense, and pleasant sounding stuff.

I've lately been interested in the idea of musical hashes. A few weeks ago I started work on a musical morse code system that would pitch and rhythm able to encode 22 digital bits of data in one musical beat. I'm sure a similar train of thought could applied here:

how can i get some kind of generated audio from short strings of text? like github avatar patterns but sound

TLDR: my iOS apps are currently free and will disappear in a few months, download before february 2022 to avoid eternal regret

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want to learn how to make apps? check out the shiny new "Hello World" @noeldemartin and i have been working on

with simple integrations of @fission @remotestorage and @Solid

join us at swap 4 today as we explain how they're built

also doubles as a chronological representation of my long-form writing, can be useful in addition to non-linear

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officially moved my little newsletter to Ghost with the Bulletin theme's landing page and feeling pretty excited so far

rock solid foundation, proudly open-source, gorgeous design, exciting future.

glory be to Ghost πŸ™ŒπŸ½

My 3-year-old wanted a computer, so this weekend we built a laptop. Now they keep sending emails to their grandmother.

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