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Hello/Bonjour/Hola 🙂

Rosano here, mesmerized to meet you all.

My home base is Montreal, but I travel often.

I usually say I work at the intersection of music, design, and technology. After making my own iOS apps for almost a decade, I now find myself drawn towards the open web and federated systems. I have experience with the piano, drums, and a little Ableton. I learn languages to meet new people.

Super excited to collide with the particles in this glorious kaleidoscope.✌🏽

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Incredible music from this guitarist, I'll try to post some of his albums later.

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L'enfant et l arbre by Kevin Seddiki

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Such a great album if you're in the mood for some contemplative piano.

Universal method for solving large problems:

1) Split
2) Filter
3) Map
4) Join

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I guess the test matrix looks something like:

- Four browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)
- Seven input methods (mouse, mousewheel, touchscreen, touchpad, keyboard, scrollbar, pen)
- Five input events (scroll, wheel, touchmove, pointermove, mousemove)

Sometimes when I dash off a quick blog post, I really kick myself for not taking more time to do thorough research about this kind of stuff. Then again, the necessarily research is, like, hours of work.

ريما خشيش- مادام تحب بتنكر ليه by Aya Abdullah | Free Listening on SoundCloud

▶ ليلة امبارح مجاليش نوم - تريز سليمان و محمود .ماهر الخطيب by Mahmoudnada93

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I mixed with a friend at a film festival this week (nothing super fancy/kewl, but still a very crowded cocktail).

Here's my setlist ñ//////ñ

Arabic words for underwear:
ملابس دخليّة [mulaabis dakhliya]

Crudely translated word-for-word:
interior situation

Realizing that being a completist would give me RSI and gave up trying to catch up the last month of Merveilles Local timeline.

Will try to visit more frequently and peruse in smaller chunks.

Social media needs a better way to stay current on numerous things without an 'absence penalty'.

Got FOMO still.

Now Greek music reminds me of Syrian music

Ψαρογιωργης Ανωγειανες κοντυλιες με ασκομπαντουρα

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