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★ Emoji Log

i've been using and developing this for a few months now and today i'm ready to share it with *you* :)

it's a personal tracker focused on frequency (read 'rhythm') rather than quantity, for noting things that are less quantifiable.

write journals, observe your habits, track statistics.

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Re-launching my personal wiki with more content and a slightly better layout:

I decided to try also publishing some unfinished / in-progress pages so that the reader sees how it's under construction. Would love any feedback on how that feels and whether it's useful or not.

About 50 public pages so far.

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Hello/Bonjour/Hola 🙂

Rosano here, mesmerized to meet you all.

My home base is Montreal, but I travel often.

I usually say I work at the intersection of music, design, and technology. After making my own iOS apps for almost a decade, I now find myself drawn towards the open web and federated systems. I have experience with the piano, drums, and a little Ableton. I learn languages to meet new people.

Super excited to collide with the particles in this glorious kaleidoscope.✌🏽

made a bunch of things today

- dal
- butternut squash curry
- garlic yogurt
- turmeric rice and peas

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build on the commons
give back to the commons
tend to the commons

i'm up to approximately 66 public entries on the garden / wiki including 14 unfinished, but not including recipes, project pages, miscellaneous things i wouldn't count, more than i had expected 🤭

i wrote a short explanation of how this mindset came out of promoting local music concerts on social media

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replaced this 'download on the app store' badge with a text link , with that there are no more corporate logos on any of my sites

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as we talk about the morality of vaccine patents

i think it is a nice time to also remember historical precident

jonas salk did not patent the polio vaccine. he went out of his way to make sure it was not patented.

he never got rich. he actively made sure he didn't get rich off of it.

but that history is full of stories about how for the rest of his life, jonas salk did not have to ever pay for a beer in any bar in this country. he would get on airplanes and once somebody recognized his name, the entire damn plane would stand up and clap for him. he constantly had hotel rooms comped, meals for free at restaurants, thus and so.

because he was surrounded by people who knew he had saved their children from having to ever consider the fear of an iron lung, and were overwhelmingly grateful for it.

he was always modest and demure when recognized thusly. but i think that when people start saying "well why else would someone make a vaccine, if not to get paid for it and hold the patent", i think it is good to remember these stories. the world did not punish jonas salk for not patenting the polio vaccine. the world loved him for it. maybe not in the structures that billionaires are most used to. but they did love him for it, in small ways, in humble ways, on the individual level.

i've wanted to explore this concept of apps without timezones for a while. does this already exist with a name somewhere? if not what would you call it? i'm sure @neauoire has thought about this.

the bowl: couscous, lettuce, lentils, onions, tomatoes, avocado + fruits and nuts if you got em

cooking with no. 6: find a twitter profile by via domains

skip navigating site structures and use a search engine hack.


00:00 Intro
00:30 Demo
01:39 Finished product
02:03 Start from scratch
06:29 Sometimes other search engines work better
07:50 See more tutorials

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Boosts appreciated.
I'm close to moving back to Windows. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to hold oneself back, deny oneself better and easier accessibility in the name of open source, when many open source developers don't give a crap about accessibility, and/or don't educate themselves on it. KDE connect, GSConnect, all were inaccessible for one reason or another, not the least because of Gnome-shell's terrible accessibility issues. That was just the last straw. With the only thing holding me to Linux being Emacs+Emacspeak, I think its time to quit Linux and just use what actually works. It's interesting how being "free" just means being under the power and whim of other people, a mass of developers who have no insentive for accessibility, rather than a cohesive company who does. This is serious, and I want every developer to understand this, understand my deep frustration with FOSS.

#FOSS #Linux #KDE #a11y #accessibility #Windows #comunism #capitalism #software #developers

i usually pay no attention to how long it takes, but because this scope was well-defined, i decided to be more aware of it: 23 days since the first commit on march 28, 196 commits so far

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you can also share a bunch of links from multiple platforms and the recipient can add items to their collection—here's an example with the last 5 things from

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★ Joybox A pinboard for media

publishing today my 5th web app, for collecting and enjoying video or audio links from different platforms, and easily keep a record of what you've played + 100%

00:00 Intro
00:24 Collection
00:54 Add with one click
02:59 Add by pasting links
03:31 Receive a playlist
04:39 Send a playlist

this should have been the definitive introduction to launchlet in 2019… learning how to explain things better now

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cooking with no. 5: the basic building blocks

create larger structures with commands, procedures, subjects, and actions.


i love the sound of this person who sells natural gas, feels like a birdcall, so distinct and particular yet resembles others.

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