Behold the screen when cancelling your Zendesk account after five years.

Astonishing dark pattern where they force you to upgrade to an expensive 3rd level pricing plan just to export your data.

Going with plain emails from now on.

@rosano isn't that illegal? I thought with data regulations we can ask an export of our data at any time.

@electret it really should be illegal, but I assume that as a publicly traded company they would know, and that there would be enough customers encountering this that someone would notice, I couldn't believe how bad the experience was

@rosano Zendesk fucking sucks. I lost all the emails I was supposed to take care because there's no way to really backup.

@Pulsaare Yes I didn't feel that way before, was initially cancelling because of my financial situation, but after this experience I'm happy to have purged them from my expenses, ended up using someone's export-via-API script on github to get my data, they're a completely cold sales-oriented corporation at this point

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