Re-launching my personal wiki with more content and a slightly better layout:

I decided to try also publishing some unfinished / in-progress pages so that the reader sees how it's under construction. Would love any feedback on how that feels and whether it's useful or not.

About 50 public pages so far.

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@rosano I really like it - I was not brave to abolish all navigation in my garden, but I really enjoy exploring yours :)

Now I want to make mine more interconnected.

Also, did you make Hyperdraft? I really like the idea - wish there it was available on other platforms as well :)

@rosano Oh, for some reason I thought it was macOS (I guess I see "app" I think macOS). Will check it out!

@neauoire Thanks! This one comes from reading articles offline on my e-reader… It's nice when you don't need to load the URL to know what's underneath. Hope to implement that in my wiki as well, combining readable / changeable text with a stable identifier.

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