Really looking forward to hanging with @bmann and @fission on January 14, 02021, talking about , @remotestorage, my note-taking app, funding projects, other stuff.

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The recording is up for my jam-packed discussion with the @fission community.

We discussed , @remotestorage, , , , and more.

See the event page for a full listing of the different sections with timestamps.

Feedback welcome.

I spontaneously decided to record a follow-up video demonstrating the funding button used in my apps. It goes into technical detail of all the parts and how it works together. Need to turn this into a larger document.

@rosano thanks. missed the last 20% - had to drop from the call.

like hyperdraft features: no account to try the app, 100 free limit, remotestorage integration, fast, no fluff

@tbd right! i think i noticed your name in the chat, sorry it was hard for me to concentrate on multiple things. glad you like it :)

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