Interesting idea for when you want to let serendipity do the driving:

> 17. Data Bento Box
> An app that downloads data from various sources online to fill 1 gigabyte of data (reddit, blog posts, articles, free books), implements a viewer and always gives you something to read while you’re offline.

Another 85+ Ideas for Computing | ideas2

Also, about paying for stuff people make:

> 72. Community Idea: I would pay £10
> “I would pay” is a community where people say how much they’d pay for certain things.

An Extra 100 Ideas for Computing | ideas3


Personal favourites:

24. Personal Knowledge subsystem
33. Person stack
41. Digital law
64. Offline Websites
83. Monetization.txt(I suggested that to Beaker a while back)
98. Personal services

@neauoire can't find these points any more but hopefully there is movement on all of them?

24. wikis, gardens, Roam
33. ?
42. crypto
64. service worker, native app
83. web monetization standard
98. ?

@neauoire @rosano any thoughts on just extending `funding.yml`?

Really, whatever it is called, I’m not convinced that putting it way off in source code repos is the best place for it.

I’m mostly thinking about showing it directly to users in the live app they are interacting with.

@bmann @neauoire actually when i read `monetization.txt` i understood it like `robots.txt` in that it's on the public site, similar to the web monetization meta tag

both would be for machines, so 'showing it to users' implies creating a custom user interface per app if there isn't a standardized one generated from one of those specs.

@rosano @neauoire ah. I’m much less interested in the “for the machines” part.

Standard formats do end up being easier to widgetize — including eg reading from a GH repo.

I’m extremely nervous about the organizations behind web monetization and so have stayed away from it so far.

@rosano @neauoire the roots of the funding / investment in a cryptocurrency run by actors who enriched themselves in the process.

I’m being somewhat circumspect because it’s just an emotional feeling at this point, although rooted in actions I’ve seen from afar over several years.

@rosano i would love smaller curated versions of these, like a mixtape.

@whtrbt i wish it was a wiki… lists this big are disfunctional. i guess also the fork is the mixtape?

@whtrbt yes that's would be interesting :) i guess something like what arena or pinterest does but for any kind of content, and available offline

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