some alarming climate stats

# bitcoin
685 kWh per transaction
326 Kg of CO2
equivalent to 100,000 VISA transactions.

# ethereum
35 kWh per transaction
20 Kg of CO2
equivalent to driving car 100km or electricity consumption of a European for 4 days

@rosano I've been thinking about this a bit, I was wonering, if someone steals someone else's work and put it on the network, am I understanding it right that it cannot be taken off?

@neauoire interesting question, i'm not super aware of crypto but i never thought about that, is there a difference between crypto and other 'censorship resistant' technologies in this respect?

@rosano well crypto is append only, so if someone steals your work and put it on there, I think it's there for ever.

hmm i'm probably not qualified to answer this. i didn't know it was possible to embed anything more than text metadata in crypto transactions.

if you can append 'your work' (let's call it a 1gb .xyz file), does that mean everyone is passing around a blockchain that includes the content of that file?

hopefully someone more knowledgeable can fill the gap here @neauoire

@rosano @neauoire in short, yes, there are various ways to embed content in (different kinds) of blockchains.

1GB would be prohibitively expensive so in practice it tends to be smaller.

There are some recent examples of folks embedding the Bitcoin Whitepaper on the Bitcoin chain itself.

Embedding a pointer/link/hash is more common.

@dualhammers @rosano yes, anything embedded in a block chain is there forever.

The whole point of it is provenance, so “stolen” art just proves that it is owned.

We’re getting into the weeds, but that might even be the case where a new smart contract with correct ownership details would be worth more / seen as legitimate.

All tech systems still includes humans, regardless of immutability.

@bmann @rosano Personally, I find crypto art less legitimate because I understand the ecological damage it is causing by participating in the blockchain system

@dualhammers @rosano I’m not in favour of the current model. I was asked how it worked ;)

We’ve talked about a system that would be as cryptographically valid without a blockchain.

@dualhammers @rosano at this point I’m talking theory and the viewpoint of other people.

Digital has no scarcity. Cryptographic validity adds scarcity, which can lead to human tendencies around collecting.

Personally — I’m more interested in an abundance mindset.

These stats are false alarm. No context if even true.

#CambridgeUniversity debunked tropes like this. Also #bitcoin consumption is designed to go down post #BitcoinMaximalism, and changes based on total energy available.

Focus on where the energy is coming from, #renewables like hydro.

Anyone here against #hydroEnergy to secure an entire global finance system to replace the even-more-destructive, #growthObsession fueled by a #fiatCurrency system?

Didn't think so :)

@rosano Irrelevant stat. Try mining at home, you will lose money. Most of mining is done with energy that cost near zero aka energy that would have gone to waste.

@rosano Bitcoin is the biggest inadvertent pyramid scheme ever and blockchain is snake oil.

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