The resurrection of my personal data tracker has begun.

I started this in 2015 on iOS but got too busy to make any progress. Going to start again as a progressive web app.

First step, convert the icon to SVG.


★ Emoji Log

i've been using and developing this for a few months now and today i'm ready to share it with *you* :)

it's a personal tracker focused on frequency (read 'rhythm') rather than quantity, for noting things that are less quantifiable.

write journals, observe your habits, track statistics.

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it's got a calm interface… no dashboards or charts, no red/green notions of judgement or failure, no streaks.

it does not tell you how to feel, just facilitates observation.

designed for low friction capture and leaving the app as soon as possible.

@rosano nice work, I like a lot of the principles and implementation choices you made. Clever idea to organize around emojis too. 👌🏼

@tendigits thanks :) it's because when i started in 2015, the edward snowden privacy revelations were a huge topic and i thought it was funny that you could make something indecipherable simply by using emoji

@rosano another great video journal, thanks for sharing :)

have you thought about differentiating the spikes some way other than the count? or is the current count immediately obvious to you what it represents, since you have an intimate idea of what the log represents?

@rosano (i was mainly thinking: taller spikes => larger intervals. minutes / 15 min spikes are smol, months are noticeably taller)

@cblgh the count represents potential 'milestones' if it's motivating to know something like 'i only need to wait a day longer or an hour longer to do better than last time', i just documented how the number coordinates to the duration

the idea of differing spike lengths makes me anxious because i like the uniformity, but you could fork and try it to see how it would look i guess, are there other ways you imagine differentiating them?

@rosano ah yes, i guess there was just some confusion on my end, not being able to immediately parse the type of sundial (as some longer durations have less amounts of spikes) :)

@rosano Hey! This is cool! I started fiddling with it today, but I ran into this problem in Firefox in incognito mode:

@jrc03c i'm not sure, maybe @nolan knows? i would guess it's because the picker uses indexeddb and there might be some limitations in private mode. there are no app-related errors in those logs.

@nolan @rosano Good to know! I'll just use a different browser! :)

@jrc03c out of curiosity why do you use private mode for something that stores data?

@rosano I run all my browsers in private / incognito mode all the time. I think it's a habit I picked up from my time working in IT: it was a horror show to watch people's browsers take multiple minutes to load because their caches were so full of junk from years and years of browsing. I'm sure browsers are more intelligent about that stuff now, but I guess I just like having a clean slate every time I launch the browser. I don't mind the hassle of logging into sites each time.

@jrc03c wow i haven't cleared safari cache in over a year, i guess i assume it's going to be slow no matter what but that sounds like a good idea, if i find the courage one day i'll try to do what you're doing

@rosano This looks wonderful! I'm really excited to try it out :)

I also have so much admiration for your digital garden project! I experimented with it a bit and found it very peaceful and satisfying. I'm unsure yet how to get it set up as an actual website but I'm sure I'll figure it out. Thanks again. Inspiring stuff 🌻

@hakanto i appreciate it, thank you. the site setup seems to confuse many people so you are not alone, i will improve that soon. can you send me the link to any public note after connecting your storage?

fan of resonate btw

@rosano sure! I'll send the link when I have that set up.

Resonate has cool things on the way! It's been a year of a lot of reflection and building behind the scenes. Excited about our updates that are on the horizon 🌅

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