★ Small Web App Ring

i'm starting a webring for web apps so that these projects can be less isolated and to help with 'discovery'.

it's based on a legacy version of the xxiivv webring but displays the list without javascript, if javascript is enabled it has a 'random page' functionality

only added one of my projects to give space for other people at the start, will add all my babies gradually :)

would be cool to see maybe:

@cblgh time tracker / lieu?
@raucao webmarks?
@abundance image scrubber?
@michaellewis searchmysite? fraidycat?

@rosano hmmm... I guess it builds on my existing knowledge, while improving on existing tools I've used.

@rosano oh and my original idea of sticking with just JavaScript (and node.js when needed) was to keep everything in the same language (for web stuff) since the web uses JS, keep things simple.
TypeScript isn’t a huge departure and brings some nice things.

@kor for what aspect do you imagine using server-side?

@rosano serving public views of data (like memex app and my website articles).

Also wanting it to be a as simple as possible app, which is local storage first, then syncs to cloud data if available.

I was also thinking a database was the way to go since I wanna be able to edit the data from multiple devices and also expose selected data to public.

Keen to dig into remote storage though if it’s an option. Seems like what you really want for web apps.

@kor yes the entirety of is the result of "exposing selected data to public" via remoteStorage, but it works with Fission too. i write those beside my private notes in via the browser

@rosano I nominate @grantcuster’s suite of image and text editing apps

@liaizon those all look pretty cool, feel free to add whichever ones you like @grantcuster , the only thing i would leave out at the moment is apps that "do nothing until you sign in"

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