★ Joybox A pinboard for media

publishing today my 5th web app, for collecting and enjoying video or audio links from different platforms, and easily keep a record of what you've played + 100%

00:00 Intro
00:24 Collection
00:54 Add with one click
02:59 Add by pasting links
03:31 Receive a playlist
04:39 Send a playlist

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you can also share a bunch of links from multiple platforms and the recipient can add items to their collection—here's an example with the last 5 things from

i usually pay no attention to how long it takes, but because this scope was well-defined, i decided to be more aware of it: 23 days since the first commit on march 28, 196 commits so far

@dokoissho @rosano Haha, nice! And the app looks great, it’s definitely something I could use, it fills a gap. I’ll give it a try :)

@ice @dokoissho appreciate the feedback, thanks, and i hope it's useful. my plaintext list was overflowing and getting hard to manage. i would like to ultimately have some kind of 'friends sharing music' vibe via rss

@dokoissho here's an example

unfortunately is hand-made and doesn't update live, but it would be nice to subscribe to in joybox

@dokoissho royalties from the sale of this video shall be distributed between me and @ice

@dokoissho make any note public by pressing the publish button, then send me the link

@rosano @dokoissho Pretty sure we'll get filthy rich in no time :)

Anyway, I keep finding myself having tons of tabs pointing to various tracks or videos, and either getting lost in their evergrowing number, bookmarking them but forgetting about them, or just closing them because I can't decide if I should bookmark them or keep postponing watching them... So yeah, it should be pretty useful for my use.

@ice @dokoissho yeah i feel the same way, i like the idea of opening a collection and seeing thumbnails organized nicely so i can choose something based on my mood, bookmarks and text links for me aren't so optimized for media

@rosano great work - I've been looking for something like this for a long time.

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