★ Joybox vimeo.com/538683332 A pinboard for media

publishing today my 5th web app, for collecting and enjoying video or audio links from different platforms, and easily keep a record of what you've played + 100%

00:00 Intro
00:24 Collection
00:54 Add with one click
02:59 Add by pasting links
03:31 Receive a playlist
04:39 Send a playlist


you can also share a bunch of links from multiple platforms and the recipient can add items to their collection—here's an example with the last 5 things from



i usually pay no attention to how long it takes, but because this scope was well-defined, i decided to be more aware of it: 23 days since the first commit on march 28, 196 commits so far github.com/joyboxapp/joybox/gr

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