some recent music movements:

1. in preparing a tiny concert for a friend last week, i cultivated some inner feedback loops that helped me overcome difficulties with music practice

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2. i'm learning to publish with imperfections as i do in every other context, and so i shared my recordings online as a strong message to myself

3. the last improvisation in the set was special to me so i decided to post to my soundcloud for the first time in about nine years

4. if you love music, come join my salon on july 31st where we will listen collectively and talk about music+emotions

@rosano Woah! You're good!

Recordings 2 and 3 threw me back into memories. My parents had a few albums with similar vibes: slow tempo, a solo guitar player who's also signing, recorded in imperfect conditions (not a studio)… It's good!

Not everything needs to be perfect. I'm sure you've seen the whole movement of lofi chill-hop "music to study" where the whole point is to have shitty recordings and being chill about it.

@narF glad to trigger some good memories, thanks for listening :)

@dokoissho queued all that up! wow so you're a fan? crazy because almost nobody i know in brazil seems to be aware of her. also following that link i found that she has a… bandcamp??

@rosano Oh I think ppl in Brazil are aware of her :) You can get Visions of Dawn from the bandcamp page - it's an interesting piece of Brazilian psychedelia.

@dokoissho ok just my bubble i guess. i notice you had shared a lot of brazilian songs in your garden way back. how did you find your way into all this?

@rosano I'll write up a page on hyperdraft about it when I get chance

@dokoissho fascinating read, and i didn't know pat metheny hung out in rio, queued up letter from home, thanks for writing + sharing :)

@rosano Letter From Home is still my favorite album of the PMG.

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