1. doing my second salon next week. join me on september 18th to discuss how we can build pathways to overcome division, find common ground, and heal a divided world. 🌎❤️‍🩹

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2. if you're not familiar, interintellect is a community of people that have these "living-room conversations" (salons) on all kinds of topics. members organize the events and lead discussions that tend to be deep, intimate, long-range…

i've met a lot of cool people through attending other salons and decided to start doing my own.

3. anyway if you're struggling with having difficult conversations, come join us.

also if you have tips, learning materials, good examples, please share. let's learn together :)

@rosano curious about the pricing. a way of keeping it focussed on people who care?

@douginamug i got advice that higher prices correlate to higher likelihood of community members attending, and $10 is the most common price, but many are more expensive. i think i'd rather have it free, but i believe price can be a useful filter too…

@douginamug hmm it seems i worded this to have a double-meaning: i mean attending as in "avoiding no-show" as opposed to "deciding to come"

@rosano well, I guess it works as both, unless you refund the money.

@rosano This is rad but am totally swamped for time these days. Is there a way to keep abreast of these for the future when I have time?

@milofultz no worries, i'm not sure i will repeat the topic but i'll try to post some takeaways on my forum after the event, and i'll share on my social media too.

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