1. doing my second @interintellect_@twitter.com salon next week. join me on september 18th to discuss how we can build pathways to overcome division, find common ground, and heal a divided world. 🌎❤️‍🩹


3. anyway if you're struggling with having difficult conversations, come join us.

also if you have tips, learning materials, good examples, please share. let's learn together :)

@rosano curious about the pricing. a way of keeping it focussed on people who care?


@douginamug i got advice that higher prices correlate to higher likelihood of community members attending, and $10 is the most common price, but many are more expensive. i think i'd rather have it free, but i believe price can be a useful filter too…

@douginamug hmm it seems i worded this to have a double-meaning: i mean attending as in "avoiding no-show" as opposed to "deciding to come"

@rosano well, I guess it works as both, unless you refund the money.

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