021: going fully web • BASU • emotional vocabulary

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TLDR: my iOS apps are currently free and will disappear in a few months, download before february 2022 to avoid eternal regret

thanks to Feathers Cloud for becoming a backer this week ❤️

playlist including weird electronic sax energy, impovised piano duet with jacob collier, dark ambient, jazzy neo soul, chillstep, hip-hop

@rosano thanks a lot for including it in there, always love to read your impression on it :3

@rosano nice write-up, thanks.

If I may give one small point of feedback about the forum.. I find the low color contrast of text and background makes it harder to focus on the text. I am not color-blind or otherwise visually impaired, but wonder about the readability for people who are.

@humanetech i can see that, i think i started it quick and just chose something that wasn't commonly used, but i would like to design my own theme at some point, do you notice any difference now?

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