if you use discord, i would love to know any of this:

a) how many servers are you active/non-active in?
b) if you added one or two more to either what would that do to your cognitive load?
c) what’s taxing about being active?

asking for myself, considering trying stuff there.

@rosano I run a server for my projects and products that saw an influx of people earlier in the year. I absolutely love having a community of people, so far they've been just lovely, not very chatty but quality over quantity, especially when it's not just people spamming memes. I am almost always online and active, try to talk about something going on, and it feels great. I have also joined many other servers that I pop into from time to time.

@rosano i'm currently a part of 10 servers, but i'm only really active in one (but the one i'm active in is fairly quiet, and i've turned off all notifications for the other ones).

if i added another one, i'm not sure what it'd do to my cognitive load, but the fact that i'm a part of 10 servers is overwhelming (i've had to turn off the notifications on the others because there are 100s of people on there, and it's VERY active).

the taxing thing about being active is that it's very overwhelming

@rozina i learned only recently that there was a unified cross-server 'notifications' section and before was manually clicking on each channel to read, so now it seems somewhat less overwhelming for me. do you mean it's too much information like that also?

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