officially moved my little newsletter to Ghost with the Bulletin theme's landing page and feeling pretty excited so far

rock solid foundation, proudly open-source, gorgeous design, exciting future.

glory be to Ghost 🙌🏽

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also doubles as a chronological representation of my long-form writing, can be useful in addition to non-linear

@cblgh i'm aware of that, they're using that language to appeal to certain people. i'm into the non-profit and open-source aspect of the organization. the software itself is also pretty dope, i'm contemplating replacing my funding button with that.

@rosano mm i'm just allergic to hustle culture :)

if it's the ghost i think it is they've been around for quite a bit & were used primarily to drive blogs, interesting pivot

@cblgh oh so am i… i'm really hoping it's a trojan horse to get that world on alternative infrastructure, if hustlers are decentralizing and supporting a non-profit then that's useful

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