exploring a visual identity for my podcast project

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visual identity design might be one of the few things i don't write about (because i'm not sure i understand what i'm doing), but since @noeldemartin asked, here's what happened for this one:

i usually start at the top left and make progressive evolutions (really what ifs) toward the bottom right until i see something something i like…

@changbai my working definition is 'about what the guest is not about'–i can explain further but i'm curious what you understand from just that

@rosano I fervently await the episode where the Pope is invited to talk about baseball.

@rosano @changbai I understand that you'll invite guests and have them talk about their side-projects or hobbies, in particular something they are not known for but they are still passionate about (?).

@noeldemartin @changbai i think that's what it is? i have a hard time saying what its 'about' as its really just spontaneous conversation with people that tend to say things i don't hear anywhere else. if i get famous i might say its 'about nothing'

@rosano If I had to choose between A/B/C maybe I'd choose B because it looks more "readable" (meaning it's easier to see the logo itself). I wonder if any of them would be an issue for people with color blindness or that's just my impression? But actually I prefer the black & white version :). And I like it!

I'm curious, do you have tips or have you written about your logo design process? I'm struggling on making a logo for my new app and looking for inspiration I thought your logos were great.

@noeldemartin interesting you mention colour blindness: i was leaning towards c because my phone is in greyscale and it's the only one where you can perceive the gradient. i kind of prefer the black and white version too but i think its important for me to get more comfortable with the expressiveness of colour, practice…

@rosano Well it's not that I don't like using color per se, I like your logo for Joybox for example, but these ones give me the impression that they don't have enough contrast. Maybe you can check with tools like or

I usually prefer plain colors to gradients, but that's just my opinion. It's difficult to say with these things, so don't take my opinion too seriously :).

@noeldemartin @rosano Using Firefox's accessibility inspector to simulate colour blindness, they all look fine with the different variants of colour blindness.

@noeldemartin i just posted something about the process on paper, and here's a tweet with some digital aspects

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