spent the last weeks augmenting my tumblr project archive to incorporate things i've done over the last four years, perhaps most notably with some visual process gifs archive.rosano.ca/search/ident

proud of this collection of output and looking forward to see what's possible from here

today was my first time at , what a beautiful experience riding with friends in city streets through unending streams of cyclists, hope to do this more often 🥰

kinda sad i already broke this metal clip from one of my new irig lav mics. i was going to try super glue… anyone have suggestions? 😥

visual identity design might be one of the few things i don't write about (because i'm not sure i understand what i'm doing), but since @noeldemartin asked, here's what happened for this one:

i usually start at the top left and make progressive evolutions (really what ifs) toward the bottom right until i see something something i like…

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sometimes i feel motivated to create something out of excitement to see the visual identity that results—so-called 'icon-driven development'

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wardrobe experiments last week.
do you have a favourite?

leaving my filipino airbnb to buy some german baked goods inside little india: vancouver is very canadian so far

welcome @icidasset@twitter.com's Diffuse to the app ring ring.0data.app: a super slick music player which lets you listen from your own cloud or distributed storage.


a bit stressful last week but i'm relieved to have finally arrived in toronto. travelling is complicated right now. time to quarantine and then vaccinate asap.

thanks to my global village for the support and for helping me find a way home, peace and love to you all <3

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might have been useful to show a screenshot, gives me electricity

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today i learned that brazil has a whole culture of memes mocking the politician who said that vaccinating will turn you into an alligator

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