a bit stressful last week but i'm relieved to have finally arrived in toronto. travelling is complicated right now. time to quarantine and then vaccinate asap.

thanks to my global village for the support and for helping me find a way home, peace and love to you all <3

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might have been useful to show a screenshot, gives me electricity

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today i learned that brazil has a whole culture of memes mocking the politician who said that vaccinating will turn you into an alligator

how strange to tap the tumblr app developer name on the ios app store and find the text "hellsite (affectionate)", anyone know what that's about?

queued up in joybox, looks like a interesting mix of stuff

i made my own ceramic mug! thanks to pedro + julia for teaching me :)

- matoke (mashed plantain curry)
- red lentil dhal
- roasted cauliflower with cumin, turmeric, and lemon
- cinnamon clove pulao

and now i present: one minute and twenty-four seconds of my random english accents

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