queued up in joybox, looks like a interesting mix of stuff

i made my own ceramic mug! thanks to pedro + julia for teaching me :)

- matoke (mashed plantain curry)
- red lentil dhal
- roasted cauliflower with cumin, turmeric, and lemon
- cinnamon clove pulao

and now i present: one minute and twenty-four seconds of my random english accents

not sure what kind of tree this is but those little pods have such a range of colours

no time to take nice pictures today!

- kachumbar (tomato salad / vinagrette)
- sprouted mung beans with garlic, lemon, and cumin
- coconut fish curry
- caramelized onions and jeera rice

not sure if i can post fish on here so i'll only do the first two

presented without comment: official account of the state, blue check mark twitter.com/Israel/status/1394

thats 140 rocket emojis in each tweet

made this lovely cauliflower and pea curry with coconut milk, served with rice and a fish curry


got an embed of forum topics for launchlet.dev, feels less static now, i wish discourse had a no-js iframe embed but this will do for now

i'm starting to experiment with a manually-written 'recent' list on rosano.hmm.garden, to have a sense of what's new without organizing everything by time

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made a bunch of things today

- dal
- butternut squash curry
- garlic yogurt
- turmeric rice and peas

replaced this 'download on the app store' badge with a text link , with that there are no more corporate logos on any of my sites

the bowl: couscous, lettuce, lentils, onions, tomatoes, avocado + fruits and nuts if you got em

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