really happy with this tiny song that 'came to me' after hearing that my high school music teacher passed away. rip neal.

Re-made the demo video for Hyperdraft using the editor itself and text cues. Kind of cute.

Drafting a visual identity for an upcoming project at

First time in a while using colour.

Fairly satisfied with this 'automated demo' for

There are some limitations but I hope to use this style of instructional media as an alternative to pre-rendered GIFs or videos: sort of like a dynamic video where you click Play to watch a localized HTML page demonstrate functionality on a live interface which stays current with every commit.

Got this fake pointer moving around and clicking on elements so that I can automate demo videos on touch screens.

Documenting these instructions for A2HS in the Kommit Guide

One of those things that more obvious for tech people but not everyone knows.

Reading up on these days and came across this post documenting their design process for visual 'sigils', which are iconic representations of the syllables that comprise personal identifiers. Really interesting to see the iterations and understand the thought behind everything.

* * *

Creating Sigils - Urbit

Ramsey Nasser nicely articulates these issues of English bias in computing. This also seems readable by people without programming experience, which itself can be a language barrier to critical discussion about this domain.

* * *

A Personal Computer for Children of All Cultures | Technology as Cultural Practice

Interesting reaction to the web from this Iranian blogger that was released from prison after six years - comparing modern social media to television

Behold the screen when cancelling your Zendesk account after five years.

Astonishing dark pattern where they force you to upgrade to an expensive 3rd level pricing plan just to export your data.

Going with plain emails from now on.

Releasing a flashcards app inspired by Anki – hear with text-to-speech, record audio, cross-device sync with my beloved backend @remotestorage, works offline and on mobile. Allons-y!

Wrote a little Wiktionary mod to collapse all the languages except the ones I'm working on. Had to group those 'sections' into divs first as they were all lumped together in one parent node.

One more little video because it still amazes me that this Sublime-style text manipulation has been possible in a browser for so many years and I can just drop it into my notes app - thank you @marijn for CodeMirror 🙏🏽

Here we go. A public functional beta be careful please prototype of my notes app based on Notational Velocity – data sync via @remotestorage, some Sublime Text keyboard shortcuts, [[double-bracket interlinking]], works nicely offline and on mobile too. Yellah habibi.

Stuff in storage and one less set of house keys to carry. Travelling soon. Greetings from the suburbs of Toronto.

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