Releasing a flashcards app inspired by Anki – hear with text-to-speech, record audio, cross-device sync with my beloved backend @remotestorage, works offline and on mobile. Allons-y!

Wrote a little Wiktionary mod to collapse all the languages except the ones I'm working on. Had to group those 'sections' into divs first as they were all lumped together in one parent node.

One more little video because it still amazes me that this Sublime-style text manipulation has been possible in a browser for so many years and I can just drop it into my notes app - thank you @marijn for CodeMirror 🙏🏽

Here we go. A public functional beta be careful please prototype of my notes app based on Notational Velocity – data sync via @remotestorage, some Sublime Text keyboard shortcuts, [[double-bracket interlinking]], works nicely offline and on mobile too. Yellah habibi.

Stuff in storage and one less set of house keys to carry. Travelling soon. Greetings from the suburbs of Toronto.

@somnius For a moment I thought it was you lounging on top of this extravagant tv.

The resurrection of my personal data tracker has begun.

I started this in 2015 on iOS but got too busy to make any progress. Going to start again as a progressive web app.

First step, convert the icon to SVG.

Really loving my solar-powered bluetooth keyboard. I've been using it for the last few months to avoid the crouched monkey postures I tend to take on while typing into my laptop keyboard. It's a joy except for when it doesn't connect properly, but that happens very infrequently. Cooool gear.

The beautiful complexity of this language continues to blow me away. An Egyptian speaks to another Egyptian in Egyptian Arabic while navigating these "5 levels", and the same goes for Lebanese, Morrocan, Gulf, etc… 🤯

Super excited to share Launchlet, my first open source project!

It's a javascript/css launcher that you can use as a bookmarklet, browser extension, or as a module in your own project.

The compose interface makes it easy to create your own. I used Svelte for the front-end programming and the almighty @remotestorage to save data in the browser and sync between devices – no database and works offline.

Not sure how people will react, hoping for the best 🙂

Finally heading back home after being away for a few weeks.

Recently finished front/back-end dev on a new catalogue for this bookstore in Montreal (working with a local communications co-op). They were previously keeping records for 200,000 books in Wordpress (!).

Before this project I had never implemented someone else's frontend, always my own, I think my life must have been luxurious…

Proud of the site anyway, Rails/Elasticsearch/pure CSS/cron jobs/blablabla

I haven't made a habit of posting my progress on projects (I guess like surprises), but I try it here since I see so many people doing it.

Putting the finishing touches on what appears to be a Quicksilver-style launcher written in Javascript.


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