@tindall hyperdraft.rosano.ca is open-source and lets you connect an account where the data is 100% yours, i use it like a zk

in the email sent this week i tried something interesting:

inline svg for the contribute/playlist buttons so there's no 'show remote images?' warning. let's you have crisp images inside the email without concerns about trackers. might also be simpler to use an `img` tag with base64 encoding, will try that next time.

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with gratitude to the fediverse:

@bmann re: extension privacy

@nonmateria re: music for robots info

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@neauoire @rek @fission i think developers using any platform need to be in it for the long haul.

fission might have several business models, but i think one of them is based on 'making money when developers make money' and that would align them both for the long-term.

@neauoire @rek exactly! as long as you can survive in the meantime, i think it's worth it. but i don't think it's for everyone.

i love @fission's vision for apps as a small business, lots of independent creators creating/cloning/customizing apps and making a living, but i think it takes that long haul approach. not as simple as selling widgets.

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@cblgh @rosano It certainly true for 100r, the "curve" of our supporters are basically:

@neauoire i really want to just 'sell' the apps, but i avoid charging upfront so that people can try it out first, and i have 'subscriptions' for smaller amounts of money to not exclude people based on exchange rates, and i don't own the data or force people to go through 'my server'… so far this approach hasn't amounted to much financial support… but i should wait a year at least.

i might just be impatient or panicky. were you and @rek ever in that mindset? and if so how did you deal with it?

@neauoire well my personal goal is 1000 people paying me $10/year, which is modest but it's feels like a lot of work even to get to that. i'm wondering if there's a different approach i should take (maybe fewer people paying more)

@neauoire i believed in 1000 true fans for a while although was never able to cultivate that for myself. i heard recently that kk concluded it doesn't work as well as imagined, maybe this is one place where he explores that kk.org/thetechnium/the-case-ag

will check out the meaningness article

@raucao maybe you also have something to share in this thread?

@reed @neauoire @dokoissho @cblgh @kevin @natehn i shared some of this on the fission forum talk.fission.codes/t/building- feel free to participate there or share feedback with me here, i'm thinking about all this for the event (and i guess for my own life)

@cblgh is the large donor for this open collective or another org?

@cblgh for the ones that don't sync with pocket, i convert to markdown, publish on hyperdraft, and add that to pocket (whih goes to the ereader…)

@aral lately i've been trying to unlearn "value = money" as it's kind of reductive

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@dokoissho sure. i'm not neccessarily 'against' these things, just trying to get a picture of what is currently possible without them. it might be that there isn't much

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