early web / community building / working together (with Boris Mann @bmann) youtu.be/jDTug816fzQ

also wrote a short guide to how i build a digital project archive ephemerata.rosano.ca/01gdmrkse for anyone interested in doing the same

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spent the last weeks augmenting my tumblr project archive to incorporate things i've done over the last four years, perhaps most notably with some visual process gifs archive.rosano.ca/search/ident

proud of this collection of output and looking forward to see what's possible from here

anyone know an immigration/citizenship lawyer in portugal? i'm eligible for a passport and would like to start the process

@aadil maybe singing or dancing is an option?

might help if you take a week 'off' somehow to give your hands a chance to recover, but i understand it might not feel easy

having fun without drinking (with my cousin Stefano Alvares) youtu.be/tJT87g1BpQg

assuming Indians are tech people (with my cousin Stefano Alvares) youtu.be/0C7N4E--VGc

anti-technology in a computer lab / body loops / silly sacredness (with Benji Lee Martin) youtu.be/1S2mfLOnwjg

watching only blockbuster movies for a month (with Benji Lee Martin) youtu.be/qifLQurto68

@adz ah i wish i knew before i would have come, maybe tomorrow!

feels like i have no time to work right now because i'm dancing 5 days a week

@aadil i've been meaning to add @coopcloud to easyindie.app

would love to try it too someday, happy to hear it's working for you

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