@rek i have a similar frustration with music artist pages that often need to have tons of 'platform buttons' where people can access the music, i hope some patterns will emerge around ownership of the content and cultivating personal spaces free of company logos

@clacke you got me! how elusive it was to be a mysterious silhouette for only a moment :)

@natecull @alcinnz @zens @georgia @bmann the prize goes to @clacke for this label that does not reference any technology ✨

@zens thanks for sharing, curious to know where you heard about it

@rek and 'put images online' refers to the dominance of visual culture like instagram or images in articles? i'm not sure i follow correctly. maybe you could share an example of the practice that no longer exists?

@rek really? wow it was super popular, calm personal spaces to cultivate ideas over time, i use it interchangeably with 'personal wiki' and i think 100r has been doing it for a while without using that name rosano.hmm.garden/01etwe6d05s2

0data.app was on hacker news yesterday, they don't seem to like the name very much news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

@rek what does outsourced mean in this context? also, if i understand correctly you mean 'a garden that is digital' and not the 'digital garden' trend from the last year or so?

@ice oh if you're into visual geometric representations, check out miles okazaki's visual reference for musicians milesokazaki.com/archives/musi

@ice music theory doesn't deserve the weight given to it by institutions, it's just one way of analyzing particular kinds of music, certainly no rules in there. but cool that you're learning it though, it can be useful as a tool. what are you using it for?

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@cblgh gorgeous! i haven't been following but are you just using flour and water or a more complex recipe?

@dom i think 'social impact' implies political thinking too:
- Saul Alinsky: Rules for Radicas
- Clay Shirky: Here comes everyone
- Neil Postman: Entertaining ourselves to death
- Neil Postman: Technopoly

@aadil funny i think that name was selected for privacy reasons, i actually know him by something else :)

germany people: my dear egyptian friend who was in leipzig is apparently now in a refugee camp, if you know anyone that can contribute to this campaign or help in other ways please share startnext.com/weloveaadil

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