@eejum when i squint while looking at the clipped thumbnail of this, it sort of evokes ai-generated crypto art

6. if you like to think or talk about these things, come to the swap next wednesday. will be talking with Gordon Brander (and maybe others) about files and portability. let's figure out how to build a new breed of decentralized apps chat.0data.app/t/37

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5. what's the difference between protocols? i think @remotestorage for a more traditional technology stack; @fission for passwordless end-to-end encrypted and stored on ; / for storing as linked data to enable machine processing.

each has different approaches. the label encourages interoperability to make the pie larger for everyone.

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4. at the moment, many apps seem to fit 'tools for individuals' better that 'collaborative, aggregated, multi-user'; funding patterns are not so obvious; but hopefully this will all be solved with time.

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3. browser apps don't need a server for dynamic requests, static hosting is cheap and mirrorable. not requiring an identity enables apps. check out the growing set of over a hundred apps that employ these techniques 0data.app

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2. apps obviate the need to build, secure, maintain account infrastructure; integrations are basically to read/write data; instead of network calls or REST, just `await` and the library will act on local or elsewhere.

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1. i posted a twelve tweet thread on to better articulate benefits and trade-offs twitter.com/rosano/status/1441

might be too many for here so i'll just summarize:

hear ye: the wonderful @feditips is *not* automated, my bad. but of course, that's why it's a great account! follow to increase your fediwareness mstdn.social/@feditips/1069668

@neauoire @rek ah ok, well it's pretty simple if you'd like to, you can put that `FUNDING.yml` you made in a repo at {organization}/.github and then it's on all repos automatically, for example github.com/wikiavec, you could fork mine to any org if thats faster

@neauoire @rek out of curiosity, was it a conscious decision to put patronage links only on certain github projects (like github.com/hundredrabbits/Orca) as opposed to everywhere?

@eejum welcome to the fediverse! seems like people i would have recommended have already found you, i'll try to think of more, for now maybe i'll just suggest following these more automated ones @feditips and @selfcare_gentle

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copying so non-followers can see:

hi! my name is ej (people call me "eej"). new to mastodon and really excited to be here with the lovely folx of merveilles 💙 🌊 🌃

some things about me:
* software dev
* relationship anarchist
* learning how to be antiracist and anticapitalist - also,
* nonbinary and queer
* writer, photographer, artist
* hiker, skier, and overall winter lover
* enthusiastic reader
* obsessed with alternative communities both digitally and irl

some of my favourite ideas:

"[Creating connections is the core of being human—it’s so natural for children.]" — Alessandro

"[Prefer shared language over common ground.]" — Jeeva

"[Divided people may share smaller beliefs. People with similar conclusions may have surprisingly different values. A world where everyone agrees has no room for evolution. Unpack the belief into values and decisions to find common ground.]" — Jessica

see the café for lots more takeaways cafe.rosano.ca/t/building-soci

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really happy with my salon last saturday. beautiful souls from brazil, canada, india, kuwait, and the united states. thanks to everyone being so generous in their participation.


thanks to @reef for contributing to my opencollective.com/rosano ❤️

someone who has consistently inspired me to go deeper and be more of myself. his aura of encouragement is long-standing. شكرا يا اخويا

@lightone welcome @yakab :) i play piano as well.

what kind of music do you do?
maybe post your

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