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Wish Mastodon could also show the text of a linked toot without needing to click through. Changes the dynamic.

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Feels strange saying this but all the digital garden / Roam movement is making me enjoy Twitter again. Seems like it's being transformed into something nicer.

Would love to credit whoever shared this on my timeline but couldn't find the thread on Twitter or Mastodon. Search is not so good for this…

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Great ideas in these slides on making apps more like games, circa 2008

The Princess Rescuing Application: Slides – LOSTGARDEN

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Just launched a first draft of our website with a little info about what we're cooking:

TL;DR: Bonfire will be:

1. a pre-configured device
2. a fediverse identity hosted service (which syncs between the fediverse and the device whenever it comes online)
3. apps (web apps but they run on the device instead of the cloud)

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Interesting reaction to the web from this Iranian blogger that was released from prison after six years - comparing modern social media to television

What's the simplest way to encrypt text with a passphrase that outputs the same result across nodejs and web?

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My mom asked for a picture of me and @newman.elle so I sent her this white people stock photo I found.

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I think it goes to show how immature our field is, when software engineers can work for decades without learning how to make their apps usable by blind or otherwise disabled people. Imagine if architects designed buildings without wheelchair ramps, or if civil engineers designed crosswalks without grooves or curb cuts.

They used to! And it was super dangerous! But now there are regulations forcing the engineers to figure this stuff out. I imagine accessibility will be the same in the future.

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Behold the screen when cancelling your Zendesk account after five years.

Astonishing dark pattern where they force you to upgrade to an expensive 3rd level pricing plan just to export your data.

Going with plain emails from now on.

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I'm sort of obsessed with non-destructive construction aesthetic. No nails, no glues, everything connected with bolts and clamps and joinery, no wire ever laid in a place you wont be able to reach later, nothing permanent, everything renegotiable.

Follow these principles and experimentation will have no material costs.

I don't know how practical it is, but I was raised on Lego and Data and an edict of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and so I do not know if I can live well any other way, I just need it

("If you have no solution, the problem is already solved.") — Brazilian saying

First time writing a feature-complete guide for one of my apps - need to do this more often

Did I read this right? Signal uploads your contacts to their servers after you set a PIN? Possible to opt out of that?

Type :grin: inline the post body and find 😁.

I recently disabled my emoji keyboard and would like to integrate this behaviour into apps. Superior UX.

Abstract Wikipedia, writing articles with blocks of Wikidata so that they can be translated into multiple languages

contains flashing lights 

One of my favourites. Electronic vibes. Explosive rhythm. Live.

* * *

KNOWER living room power set 2020

Releasing a flashcards app inspired by Anki – hear with text-to-speech, record audio, cross-device sync with my beloved backend @remotestorage, works offline and on mobile. Allons-y!

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Linux and open source are very important but not being murdered by fascists is a bit more important

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