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Interesting service - turns your read-it-later articles into an audio podcast

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Anyone have a recommendation for a friend to read/watch who’s new to the idea of capitalism = bad?

Totally unexpected gift from the process, a function that makes any object chainable like this:

await OLSKChainGather({
alfa (input) {
return new Promise(function (res) {
return setTimeout(function () {
res(`hello ${ input }`);
bravo (input) {
return `bye ${ input }`;

// ['hello one', 'bye two'];

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Got this fake pointer moving around and clicking on elements so that I can automate demo videos on touch screens.

Powerful ideas from this interview with Audrey Tang about "The Epistemic Crisis":
- ("Create memes that outpace disinformation.")
- ("Humor over rumor exploits the fact that you cannot feel anger and outrage at the same time as fun.")
- ("Takedowns promote outrage. Attributing misinformation changes the framing so that people to continue to share but with different intent.")

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I'm developing a basic system for cooperatively assembling a distributed knowledge graph based on git+markdown. Users keep control of their repositories; the system ("Agora") pulls from them as needed.

If you're interested, you can follow along:

Documenting these instructions for A2HS in the Kommit Guide

One of those things that more obvious for tech people but not everyone knows.

The 'retweet with comment' feature on Twitter reminds me of that flow in federated wiki where you 'extend/patch' someone else's idea on your own space, and if they are notified they can choose to fold it back into theirs. In microblogging it makes to so easy to connect disparate ideas and move away from the discrete unrelated blurts this system is designed to produce. I'm curious if there an activitypub client that supports this.

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2. Emojis
Emojis are a wonderful invention! They help us humans, emotional as we normally are, express those emotions in places where voice tone and facial expressions aren't available. Much better than trying to put those feelings into words, right?
Well, people using a screen reader (a software that allows people, primarily visually impaired ones, to read what is on the screen using text to speech) still hear those emojis as words.
For example, 😉 is read as "graphic Winking Face", with graphic of course explaining what kind of element it is.
And by default for most screen readers, each graphic is on its own line.
So, what this means is that if you put 3 emojis in your name, your name will be 4 lines long to us. I know some of you like having emojis in your name, but if you could at least limit them to <=3, that'd be lovely.
And if you put a clapping emoji after every word, they'll be on separate lines, too. So maybe don't do that either? 🤷‍♀️

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Got a message recently about my Launchlet project… It seemed like someone who visited the site but didn't notice that there is an entire app for creating a personalized launcher bookmarklet with custom JavaScript / CSS for any site, so I'm adding these 'Go to app' buttons on all of my project pages.

Reading up on these days and came across this post documenting their design process for visual 'sigils', which are iconic representations of the syllables that comprise personal identifiers. Really interesting to see the iterations and understand the thought behind everything.

* * *

Creating Sigils - Urbit

Be the most abundant source of your own qualities.

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Today I learned that in Node.js (and in quite a few browsers), if you want to time something, you can do:

// do something

// Output (e.g.)
// some thing: 6975.892ms

#JavaScript #NodeJS #performance

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