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it's got a calm interface… no dashboards or charts, no red/green notions of judgement or failure, no streaks.

it does not tell you how to feel, just facilitates observation.

designed for low friction capture and leaving the app as soon as possible.

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★ Emoji Log

i've been using and developing this for a few months now and today i'm ready to share it with *you* :)

it's a personal tracker focused on frequency (read 'rhythm') rather than quantity, for noting things that are less quantifiable.

write journals, observe your habits, track statistics.

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new tutorial: generate random email addresses for every site or form, 3-for-1 special

RT "When a friend makes a mistake, the friend remains a friend, and the mistake remains a mistake."

(Shimon Perez)

new launchlet tutorial gets into some of the inner workings of the composer, how to call other recipes, copying both the page title and url to the clipboard…

will try to make more of these to demystify the system, thanks to @bmann for the idea

wow this file sharing across wifi via a web app is suuuper slick

recently added @fission support in and made a demo of how to use it with the browser extension, haven't really shown this anywhere before and it's probably a better explanation for that project that anything else out there

was super tired and my computer was very slow but trust me it's cool was on hacker news yesterday, they don't seem to like the name very much

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germany people: my dear egyptian friend who was in leipzig is apparently now in a refugee camp, if you know anyone that can contribute to this campaign or help in other ways please share

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