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i've never seen someone perform in this way with a 64 button controller, seems like there might be a backing track too, respect for the musicianship here

Shawn Wasabi: Marble Soda

@cinnamon i'm aware of the demo apps but i was wondering if there are other ones live in the wild

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@cinnamon is there a public list of earthstar apps? i could integrate it into

@rek i think you'd probably nail this on the first try, if you can substitute the yogurt it's vegan

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tried making 'ondwa' today, unfortunately didn't bake correctly but the taste is complex and interesting, need to try again…

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good morning ✨ don't forget to work towards the redistribution of wealth and the liberation of colonies and semi-colonies in everything you do 💖

i really should have shown a demo at the start—always show a demo at the start—so here's a before and after screenshot of the difference in density

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cooking with no. 4: increase information density on duckduckgo

see more results and remove unnecessary elements


some updates today at
- apps are now listed as a table that can be filtered and sorted, but no js required to view the data
- you can see which protocols are supported for each app
- icons from manifest.json are also shown

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Coming to the guitar later in life

reflections on relating to the instrument in the last few years

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cooking with number 3: how to create templates to search wiktionary, github, or any website from within the launcher

also uncovering some aspects of Pipe mode where you compose subjects and actions together


-inspired thread to document [[100 steps to success]]

wow i was talking to a kind stranger on twitter and they styled launchlet in black using launchlet, looks pretty cool, i think i will make this the default

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