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A lot of small farmers reuse old clothes washers to spin and dry their greens. We don't have space for such a thing on our small urban plot, so I made this stupid thing. Total cost: $0.00.

is there a name/term for 'web services that you can run on your own server' (like wordpress, gitlab, peertube, nextcloud) other than 'self-hosted'?

@nasser in case you haven't already read this, the article describes the development of urdu typefaces for print and eventually for screen, and how someone wrote a letter to apple eventually resulted in them adopting the font.

clickbait title: how i use this folder setup to manage 90 repositories without stressing out

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Universal project folder structure

A three-part talk that describes my unified filesystem pattern spanning from a single-file library to an entire app.

Like a map of everything on the terrain, or a place to stand where you can see anything.

drums on this so fire my ears are burnin'

cloud high in dreams, but heavy in the air | Athletic Progression athleticprogression.bandcamp.c

with gratitude to the fediverse:

@douginamug re: boring avatars

@kevin re: mushrooms

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for any one with the stomach to read, i translated my recent experience with the police into english

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a friend launched today, gorgeous design and a beautiful project

not so tech-oriented so let's help share this on the fediverse?

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