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with gratitude to the fediverse:

@reef re: dissatisfaction

@douginamug re: capitalization

@LittleAlex re: minimum wage machine

@xuv crypto hamster

@ice drum n bass radio

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playlist including jacob collier, brazilian guitar, afrojazz, brazilian pop/dance/funk, hip-hop, drum'n'bass

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i just manipulate data structures on interface events

@raucao thanks for coming and contributing so much to the discussion <3

chatting live with fission later today about 'apps and entrepreneurship without holding other people’s data', anyone interested be welcome

i'm hosting a music and emotion sharing circle on july 31 via the lovely community

they're more on twitter so i announced it there but the fediverse is welcome :)

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Tomorrow I’m hosting @fission usual Thursday tech talk with @rosano.

We’re having an open discussion on how privacy preserving #ZeroDataApps can be created and funded without holding data hostage.

We have some extended background thoughts on the forum

Register to join us

★ Easy Indie App "Run your own X in a few clicks."

featuring apps from @cloudron CapRover and @yunohost

for people that prefer control panels to terminals…

i'm chatting with @fission this thursday, july 8th about 'earning a living from apps without holding other people’s data'.

be welcome to join us live or comment on the thread:

playlist including sound performances in nature, clarinet + loop pedals, traditional jazz made weird, african grooves, ska

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@benk I'm afraid several philosophers are involved in the creation of Delta Chat - usually we manage to keep them away from this account, but sometimes... don't worry, it won't affect the app's quality.

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RT (AKA @mcc)

Let me be completely clear about this: Continuing to post on this site if the timeline is algorithmic, not chronological, is *unpaid labor*. It would mean rather than communicating with people, I'd be providing "content" which Twitter posts as they believe they can monetize.

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