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had a great chat with Rafael Kennedy about apps, the different protocols, what it's like to build them, tradeoffs compared to traditional designs.

check it out on episode 11 of the runtime podcast

are there other apps like @delta chat that 'work over email'?

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@jrc03c @rosano There is one by Orange:

(albeit not exactly with the same functionalities)

⚠️ this does not prevent the website from doing the (most important) accessibility job they have to do, like semantic HTML and abiding to the WCAG. **One should always start there**, before adding overlays.

the website now has a new design
- just edit text/markdown files
- deploy automatically via GitHub Actions
- contributors can focus on content instead of layout

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1. now features a new design which can be updated by simply editing text in markdown files

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welcome @comradery to the fediverse :) they're a cooperative working on a more ethical and sustainable alternative to patreon.

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:mi: :pali: :e_: :kalama: :musi:
:kalama: :musi: :li: :pali: :e_: :mi:
:mi: :sona: :ala:
:mi: :pilin: :ale:

I make music
music makes me
I know nothing
I feel everything

a bit stressful last week but i'm relieved to have finally arrived in toronto. travelling is complicated right now. time to quarantine and then vaccinate asap.

thanks to my global village for the support and for helping me find a way home, peace and love to you all <3

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any people out there want to help me finish this pull request for the website? it's basically done but it works via GitHub Actions and needs to run locally

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feeling like i'm stepping into a black hole, anyone able to send some strength my way please direct message here or elsewhere (not sure about speaking publicly… travel issues, airports, flights, restrictions, visas). distractions also welcome.

4. for anyone who's curious here's a commit showing what it takes to localize in french once it's structured this way (the language switcher can actually be ignored, should have been there before)

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3. this kind of content is tricky to test because it wants to be a freeform text document, but trying to organize it for various localizations means you have to structure the elements

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