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swap 4 will be a 'hello world' presentation with @noeldemartin and i for the simplest implementations for each protocol

(still looking for a volunteer to do an easy @remotestorage or @fission integration)

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is there paid managed hosting out there for ? i'd like to move my small instance to avoid the complexities of self-hosting (backup/s3) as more videos are added. @feditips @FediVideos @humanetech

playlist including weird electronic sax energy, impovised piano duet with jacob collier, dark ambient, jazzy neo soul, chillstep, hip-hop

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TLDR: my iOS apps are currently free and will disappear in a few months, download before february 2022 to avoid eternal regret

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relating one’s emotional vocabulary to well-being. let’s break the stigma of being vulnerable and imagine a future where it’s easier to communicate our feelings.

wardrobe experiments last week.
do you have a favourite?

help heal humanity:
watch GOOP on Netflix (or wherever you do that kind of thing)

thanks to FeathersJS for contributing to my ❤️

we share adjacent ideas about technology and the future, which makes me excited to see where all this goes. super appreciate the conversation and financial support 🦚 boosted

A dichotomy of user-hostile software:

- Mainstream software: user-hostile because it has a dozen popups trying to upsell you / accept cookies / grant permission to sell your data
- OSS software: user-hostile because it expects you to know how to use GPG to sign a certificate on the command line, and fuck you if you don't know what any of those words mean

leaving my filipino airbnb to buy some german baked goods inside little india: vancouver is very canadian so far boosted

Lieu release day 👁️

This release is adding three new search features to
i. searching the wider web through the eyes of the webring
ii. a filter for restricting search results to that of a particular webring domain
iii. enabling webring members with static sites to use lieu as their own personal search engine

featuring video and slides + an expanded text version of a presentation i gave at Rocks on how I use my apps to make things happen

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