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My Teoriya stamp failed its first print, but I managed to salvage it into a sort of coin / charm.

2021 gave me a bazillion things to be thankful for, but i can't express enough how grateful i am to have found writing as my current medium of choice for making sense of the world. i ended up writing over 12,000 words (enough to fill a small book)!

@rek @neauoire random question but if you're comfortable sharing i'd love to know if you take any kind of vitamin supplements and how that would work off land

thanks to friend, collaborator, and mind-expanding substance @bmann for becoming a backer ❤️

i'm grateful for our exchanges and for the outcomes of what he has inspired me to pursue. hope we continue doing great things together 👊🏼

only took me a minute to become a member.

they're building a fair stream-to-own platform that compensates artists more while charging listeners less (with no monthly fees or b*chain) 🤯 stick that in your ears and groove it

if you're able to contribute money or programming, please answer their call

deep breathers: is it the belly or the chest that expands, or both? i think i've been inhibiting myself since a young age and may have uncovered a misconception today 🫁

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I'm happy with this first complete painting in a very long time. I've had so much inspiration and a renewed confidence in my art practice during winter solstice, I feel like i'll be exploring that for the months to come.

This one is 6" across, acrylics on wood, no title yet.

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respect for the way this was handled, more productive than crucifying

a tangent, but just want to highlight this little cookie:

> algorithm-controlled platforms from MMAGA companies

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Folks have been asking our
Executive Director, Karen Sandler, an Policy Fellow, Bradley M. Kuhn, their opinion of #FacesOfOpenSource selling #NFTArt based on photos of them (and other #FOSS contributors). They wrote a critique of the move & discuss better options for funding FOSS-related work:


Secular churches for continuity

i've thought for a while that the modern world needs a secular church, and recently documented my thoughts…

60 days until all my iOS apps disappear forever, download for free before february 2022 to avoid eternal regret

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