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0025: having fun and working hard / music inside everyone / being shy

with Beatrixé

0020: basic income beyond money / not being rooted / spirituality as openness

with Claiborne

0015: speculative plants / seeing in higher definition / interactive drawings

with Heddi Reid

Caetano Veloso: Tonada De Luna Llena from Fina Estampa (1994). The voice of Caetano Veloso singing Spanish in falsetto, surrounded and supported by flutes, clarinets, clapping, percussion, opening a portal to an alternative world of warmth and light. (via Lars Schmidt)

Chassol: Indiankidz from Ultrascores (2013). Someone in the comments explained that these are young trainees who are learning Sanskrit chants to become Hindu priests. Curious to see certain sounds linked to head positioning. Observe the focus and some kind of fire in the eyes of these children. Odd to mix electronic instruments and piano with this, I would love to see the original source video and hear the raw singing. (via Ahsen)

if anyone wants to supports me on bandcamp friday, they can lock-in this gradually expanding album at an early price

0011: clown school / Unmonastery / liberation through improvising

with Bembo Davies

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