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0038: shifting the entire economy through care

with Cassie Thornton

0037: fantasy worlds / hugging trees / returning to a limiting place

with Roberta Annecchino

0032: talking to people with opposing views / healthy anger / opening to emotions

with Raphael Thelen

a friend wrote this critique of blockchain yesterday, suggesting it's not so decentralized. powerful last paragraph:

> It’s past time for the technocratic elite to surrender the hubris of building ever more complex solutions for the entire globe over. If you dare call for decentralization, start by decentralizing your wealth and power.

hello merveilles instance, i've been posting mostly my podcasts for the last while and not interacting much here (or on other social networks), feeling at the moment like sharing my encounters from offline as i'm more present there, so i have set my posts as unlisted and also as a bot, of course if anyone interacts with me i will happily respond as a human ☀️

0029: importance of rituals / disassociation / the body is a story

with Julia Hayden

0025: having fun and working hard / music inside everyone / being shy

with Beatrixé

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