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Hello everyone!

My name is Clemens and I am a co-founder and creative director of Vienna-based collaborative hub/game studio Broken Rules, who is probably most known for a game called Old Man's Journey:

My current goal is to start building and contributing more towards FOSS.

@rostiger As usual I can‘t properly grasp making sane amounts when cooking and I ended up with too much Soba. Luckily I’m the owner of a professional, patent-pending Dehytron 2000⸮

I wanted to put my freshly sharpened knife to good use today so I decided (attempt) to make Soba. The result was quite alright!

Retro-future jazz plays out of an old speaker

A hard drive gently hums

This schematic displays on your terminal

The description is in German, but the talk itself is completely in English.

A few days ago, Shoshana Zuboff was in Vienna to talk about the age of surveillance capitalism. Having missed the talk, I'm happy to see that it has been put online:

Aquired a grinding stone yesterday. Making razor sharp cuts with my own sharpened knife is quite satisfying.

In the digital sphere you could hear his work if you have been enjoying any of the YATATOY apps, most recently BANDIMAL and LOOPIMAL:

Ulrich is a Vienna based musician, composer and sound designer and worked on numerous projects, such as the Vegetable Orchestra:

Finally listening to "Songs for William", an album I exchanged with Ullrich Troyer for the Old Man's Journey vinyl a while ago.

Reprinting this oldie for the @CoburgHouse open studios event, 30 Nov - 1 Dec (come one, come all). It's inspired by the wreck at Lower Diabaig. I could see all the way through the hull to the porcelain of the crew's toilet.

I wasn't convinced I'd be able to comprehend and implement Riven as my memex templates base, so I'm fairly proud of this first successful test.

Published a "Nutrition" page for GrimGrains, for daily nutritional needs as well as how to better absorb vitamins in foods.
Will update it often.

I'm making mid-term plans to switch to Linux. Currently testing Elementary OS on Virtual Box to see what I'm getting myself into.
I'm happy for any migration tips, resources or good replacement recommendation for OSX applications.

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