Had to get out a bit today and went to a nearby forest to do some sketching. I should do this more often.

I just realized that what I thought in my dream was snow probably actually was... funghi?! 😱

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Watched Fantastic Funghi yesterday and immediately integrated a mushroom ritual into my dreams that allowed me to create snow wherever I pointed my fingers. 👍

Considering this race horse of a machine, I think I did alright!

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Me: "So I suppose the leg holes should stay open, huh?"
Her: ".... yes?"
Me: "How would you open them if you happened to sew them together? Asking for a friend..."

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My rancid old working pants are so far into dissolving that my partner would finally rather allow me to use her sewing machine and teach me how to handle it instead of fixing it for me. The result is spitting in the face of the art of sewing. As you can imagine, I'm extremely proud.

Anecdotally there are actual, practical benefits of riding a high bike that outweigh the cumbersome (and as I imagine) dangerous climbing-on-and-off-under-any-circumstance-routine: better visibility in traffic, cars keep larger distance, people smiling and waving at you!

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I'm compiling print-out sheetsfor illustration references and hoo boy, what a bunch of rabbit holes that turned out to be! Current location: /vehicles/bikes/tallbikes>

I have this old Macbook 2012 model that is in a really good general shape if it wasn't for the mainboard/graphics card fault that occasionally occurs: the screen goes black and doesn't return for some hours, sometimes days. I've had it in the shop three times now, but the issue always prevailed. Now it just sits there and I don't know what to do with it. Any ideas?

@winduptoy Tried to setup lichen today and ran into an issue:
For testing purposes I put all of the lichen content into a subdirectory and can't access edit.php (located at /home/user/html/lichen/cms/ because of an 500 Internal Server Error.
Is it possible that the cms directory of lichen needs to be in the root of the public html directory for the .htaccess file to work properly?

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The Royal Family is the focus of all the attention while a climate mitigation report has just been released to the public by the #IPCC. I have not seen a single press release about it although it is probably one of the most important document to read today. Here is the link if you want to think about something else than the very people that could solve the issue but don't.

I got enough space to store Wikipedia, Wikimedia, all of IFixIt, Wikihow, Archwiki and a bunch of others. The Kiwix library is a real treasure trove!

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Finally got myself some beefy SD Cards with incredulous reading speeds. Next step: wikipedia on an sd card!

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