Been on a solo bike trip for the past four days. Exhausted but happy!
Here are some pictures:

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We’ve only got 10 months left to gather 950,000 signatures on our ECI to tell the EU to make the law clear and ban biometric mass surveillance.


Join us:

Woke up 4am by motor noises in fron of the apparment. Turns out its a guy sleeping in his car, windows open, motor running. Some people...

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Ja, schon wieder eine #Lobau Demo!

Nein, wir sind nicht zu unkreativ uns was anderes einfallen zu lassen, aber die #LobauAutobahn zu stoppen ist einfach super wichtig.

Wenn Politik die Wissenschaft ignoriert, hilft nur Protest!
Komm daher am 2. Juli mit uns auf die Straße, um für eine sichere Zukunft aufzustehen!

#LobauBleibt #MobilitätsWende #LobauTunnel

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Cabal, the open-source & p2p group chat I've worked on with friends, is in a quadratic funding pilot experiment run by Open Collective!

What that means for us, as an example: for every 10 USD donated, we get a total of 83 USD

boosts appreciated 🖤

Been to a minerals museum today. Saw the inside of a meteorite, which was cool. Not a single word on labor conditions, land dispossesion or ecological impact of agat stone harvesting was pretty disappointing.

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Made a page on my website for my tool chest project, I'll update it as I go and share more details about how I'm building it :)

Went on a few hilkes with AA and A the last two days. Came across a field with old, rusting metal statues.

Experimenting with fermenting vegetables. I have no idea what I'm doing.

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Implemented the last thing on my TODO for Noodle, the magic brush. It cleans up the annoying jagged edges that break line thickness.

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