It’s going to be a work in progress from now and forever, but I’m happy to finally announce that my new website is alive!

@rostiger you should rewrite the tar cheatsheet to go both ways :D

The z option selects the archive is wrote/read (here gz), it’s a contextual shortcut to gzip or gunzip, but you could use the j option for bz2, or J for xz!

I always like the things you design, this website is no exception!

@royniang Yeah, tar should get some more love. On the other hand, I think I used it only twice so far, both time just to extract archives. I’ll add the other way once I actually use it. :)

@rostiger didn't know you worked on Flywrench! Loved it

@mario_afk It’s still one of my favorite projects. I contributed all the interface design and assets. The game is sooo tough though!

@rostiger it is really hard haha but I think it's one.of my favourite game UI's everything is so polished and I really liked the general aesthetics

@mario_afk Oh wow that’s a big compliment - thanks! I have to check if my code for the prototype of the spinning planet menu is still somewhere on a hard drive.

@rostiger congrats! it looks great :3
esp love the use of a sitemap

@cblgh Thanks, happy to hear. Sitemap still needs a few improvements, but it gets the job done.

@rostiger Looks amazing, we even appreciate the same Saint-Exupéry's quote :)

Really like how fast and minimalist it is.


beautiful work! your logo feels bold and yet illusive - i enjoy the contrast.

oh, and that tree mural you did is incredible! is it in austria? would love to see that in-person some day.

@glyph Thank you, glad to hear it works. I find logos so harrrrd.

Also, incidentally, I walked by that exact mural with my old friend I painted it with yesterday. Here's what it looks like eight years later:

@rostiger Congrats! Please share more as it grows :) I like your depth of journaling. Im going to experiment with this format of recording my workflow.

@sebastian That’s the plan. Journaling in this format helps me to avoid the feeling of just having procrastinated. Also it acts as a sort of workbench where I dump all the parts, some if which go into the knowledge base later.

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