Has anyone here experience with rooting or jailbraking a kindle? Is there a better alternative os for it that allows me to read epub files? Boosts appreciated!

Thanks for the recommendations everyone, will check them out. Honestly I haven't touched the thing in years and I don't even know what model it is. Nowadays I don't have an AMZN account anymore and don't want to move back into this ecosystem.

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So it turns out even though I haven't started my Kindle in years (it doesn't even have access to the wifi) it's still on the latest firmware version for some reason, which means it can't be jailbroken, currently.
I guess I'll go down the convert epub to mobi path then... Thanks @cblgh for the Calibre hint!

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@rostiger i typically use calibre to convert epub to mobi before sending it to my kindle email address, all as one action

I use it on bq Cervantes and it's really good. Dunno how installing it on Kindle looks like tho

@rostiger There's been some progress on if you feel DYI-ish.

Otherwise, I pre-ordered a that I'm planning to also use as an ebook reader.

The fact that Kindles are such closed systems is the main reason why I don't own one :\

@raelzero I've seen this a while back, it's a really cool project! I haven't soldered in years though and don't even have an iron any more. I have been entertaining the though of getting one, but haven't pusghed myself over the edge (yet).

@rostiger Last time I checked (2+ years ago) the only functionally rootable Kindles were some of the first ones.

As others mentioned, you can use calibre to add your books to Kindle by converting and emailing.

If you don't mind abandoning Kindle, I can recommend picking up a cheap Kobo or Nook. You can just connect them via USB to a PC and send your epubs that way.

I got one of the kobos with backlight and it does everything I need for an ebook reader.

@rostiger @cblgh i am converting them online and send it via email. bit slow but it works without installing software. next try is loading via the experimental browser

@tbd I kind of lime that I can do it offline, but the software does seem to have a lot more features than I actually need.
@cblgh I suppose you are using a command line script to do all of that in one action? If so, is it possible to take a peak somewhere? :>

@rostiger @tbd (not sure if that last screen is important to configure)

@rostiger @tbd so workflow:
drag book to calilbre, right click -> email to <kindle email>
on kindle: turn on wifi, synchronize downloads, read

@rostiger @cblgh i had the same problem, but managed to jailbreak my paperwhite using the serial debug port. i think there's a tutorial somewhene on mobileread

@eel @cblgh Hah, that must have taken a bit of courage! I was honestly a bit intimidated by how those guides are written, so I didn’t even consider this route an actual path to pursue. Will read up on it!

@eel @cblgh Oh, and now that you rooted it, what advantages does it really offer? Most descriptions basically just say that you can change your screensaver...

@rostiger @cblgh i mean, that was the main reason i rooted it tbh :D (not a fan of the default aesthetic)
it's running linux with busybox and awesome wm, so you could do a lot actually. so far i've only installed a terminal emulator, but at some point i want to replace the whole amazon frontend

@eel @cblgh My initial thought was that someone might already have replaced the whole frontend with a slick FOSS alternative. Alas, it looks like the grip of Amazon is just too tight.

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