What would you reccommend to someone who has only rudimentary computer skills and wants to build a simple website?

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They want to use square space and obvisouly I would like them to create a static page, but it's a hard sell to non-technical people, who just want their website up fast.

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I guess I'm looking for a simple hosted static site cms?

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@neauoire The bar is much lower. Git? Repositories? No dice.

@rostiger They could just use the interface, never using anything other than the web client stuff to make their edit, it's somewhat similar to the WYSIWIG editor of squarespace.

I'm not saying they should learn to use git in the terminal. But creating a new repo, activating github-pages, has to be easier than creating a new category in squarespace.

@rostiger Take a look at Setup still takes a bit but it can put an easy editor on a static site.

@rostiger if they just really want their website up fast, i guess there's not really an alternative that could "compete" with the speed and "professional-looking" design of those kinds of tools

but if they have other values, maybe something like could help? a GUI-based wrapper (and hosting service) around jekyll, i think

@chirrolafupa Looks interesting! The spanish sign up page will be hard to sell though. Seems like it's still pretty young?

@rostiger haha yes, at last some tool is created natively in spanish, and ironically i only have recommended it to english speakers (?)

apparently you can connect with them @sutty

@chirrolafupa @rostiger hi! thanks! the panel is translated to english but you can only change if after registration, also we can do it for you if you want to test it. the platform is gratis to use as long as you agree to our code of conduct and we're adding features with donations and commisioned projects. feedback is also really useful and welcome. we're in argentina, hence our focus in spanish

Yes! Thanks for bringing it back up on my radar! I actually might be able to sell this one (or at least I would like to)!

@rostiger @dualhammers I second neocities.

Also, have a look at WYSIWYG html editors - there are still some out there, and should be plenty for making a basic site.

@rostiger is an easy starting point that can scale to pretty much anything you might move it to later.

@rostiger Does neocities work? They have a web editor but you will need to know a little html. You can also use some desktop html generation thingy and just upload it there.

It actually just might! It's a strong candidate, I'll check out the workflow tomorrow. I'd be proud if I could sell it to them. :)

@rostiger I've setup a simple static site with hugo and forestry for the company I work for and so far it's going well for non-technical people to update the content :)

Looks intriguing, thanks for the recommendation!

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