Very nice. Is it your evening / night mode or do you roll with red all the time?

@ultem I married Regolith with pywall with a custom script to generate color schemes from a random wallpaper selection. It selects a new one by shortcut or when loggin in.

@rostiger @ultem Where do you get your wallpapers from? I mostly look on wallhaven.cc, is there another one I should know about?

@inhji @ultem I collected them from various sources and usually search them by name, e.g. Steven Universe Backgrounds.
The only specific one that comes to my mind right now is the collection Ghibli released a while ago: ghibli.jp/info/013344/

@rostiger @ultem Wow, that link is is a real gold mine! And thanks for the nod towards Steven Universe!

@rostiger AHA. Thank You for showing me "toot".

Installing that now.

@rostiger Ba, it's in the Ubuntu Repos after 19.04 and haven't updated this laptop, but it works using snap.

"snap install toot".

Aaaand set $productivity=0

@daelf IIRC I installed it through pip3, because neither snap nor apt have the latest build.
It's still in development and only partially useful atm. AFAIK there currently is no way to view replies to conversations, except from the main timeline.

@rostiger I see that. Still, it's nice to see some progress in the arena.

There's some really great TUI stuff for BirdSite and I'd love to see that functionality for Fedi.

The less I leave terminals, the better the world is.

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