"If the reserve army of artists would stop applying for grants to do projects in centers for contemporary art and start building worlds, perhaps cultural sensibility and ecological sustainability can combine in an economy organized around freedom and care rather than production and consumption."

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@rostiger this is exactly what @ashesmonroe and i are workin on.

*edit* one big thing we are learning out here in vermont is that this has all happend before. so the question is how can we do better than the generations before us that had similar ideas.. i think it boils down to communication / coming together. federated collectives

@fleeky @ashesmonroe Communication surely was a common pitfall. I see a lot more sociocractic methods applied recently (although its ideas have been around for a while) which seems to help in this respect.

It's really admirable that you are working on something like this! I've been talking to my sister about these ideas for a while now, but our lives seem to be too entangled that we could make them a reality.. currently.

Is there already something to look at/read on what you are building?

@rostiger @ashesmonroe we definitely had our legs cut out from under us financially, but we are still looking to get a 10 acre plot in vermont.

the gofundme page explains our latest attempt, although some criticisms are that this latest pitch was almost too sensible / simple. usually our plans are so big complicated people are overwhelmed. <-- some extra info maybe, i need to update my knowledge site a bit with new info :)

@rostiger @ashesmonroe
we have also been thinking and talking about this idea for quite a few years, but the idea really cemented itself in us when we tried to buy a prison in upstate new york..

@fleeky @ashesmonroe Very cool! And also very ambitious. Is this only the two of you or do you have some sort of collective around this project?

@rostiger @ashesmonroe we have interest but there are just 2 of us as the core team for this part. we do however have a lot of experience and this is not our first collective.

but to boil this all down, it really just depends on getting land.. everything else will come if we have a big enough space. 10 acres is our minimum and thats what we are currently going for. also 10 acres of land in vermont can run you about 30k so its doable even with just two people. a lot can be done with 10 acres.

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