Does anyone know of any offline FOSS that creates image/mood boards from a directory of images?

@rostiger also, I don't know if this is enough for your needs but

`feh -i --index-info ''` does this:

@cblgh @joshavanier Oh, this is perfect! Ideally I was looking for something just like that - thanks!

@rostiger you could have a look at Distribusi to create static indexes. It supports a variety of media. Bring your own CSS :)

> pip install distribusi

@rra @rostiger I was about to say that this could be a good use case for a python script :) well done!

@rra Thanks! I used something even simpler (feh), but I really like the background of where distribusi comes from!

@rostiger I like doing UI with web and I wanted quick results without having to use electron. Having it just open a browser from the commandline is an ideal workflow for me :)
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