Well, so far C is kicking my butt left and right. Looks like it will take a lot more head banging against the wall until this endeavour will actually yield some results...

@rostiger Currently implementing basic string manipulation functions referencing standard.h by @neauoire.

@rostiger I am now able to count the length of your strings. As an extra, I'll count all your spaces in between as well!

Downloaded and built SDL2. Here goes nothing!


@rostiger Thanks, I will! I usually just try to pick apart every piece of code until I understand it at least conceptually. Just spent the last half hour figuring out why this works when converting strings to numbers:

n = n * 10 + (s[i++] - '0');

I'm feelin' hella smart.

@rostiger what are your goals in using C? :)
as a comparison, i've been having a great time writing go for new projects

@cblgh Specifically I'd like to rewrite my time logging tool in C. More generally I want to learn a lower level language, better understand how computers work and eventually become more aquainted with Linux embeded code. Also I'd like to experiment with Plan9 at some point and C seems like a good pre-requisite.

@cblgh The overarching motivation is power usage I think. I will eventually live off-grid (at least part time) so low power electronics will become of higher importance. Most of my private ventures are experimenting with these ideas one way or another.

@rostiger I’m about to go down this journey. This is how I expect it to go.

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