I really don't like reading articles or essays on a computer screen. I'm pondering if I should hack together some tools to automate getting an article to an eReader.

@rostiger calibre or pandoc ought to be of good use there :) i've used calibre previously to send .txt files to my kindle

@cblgh Hoh, wow, pandoce looks nice! That conversion diagram is just mind boggling. *__*

@neauoire @rostiger printed this post so I have proof you said it was okay that I print articles

@neauoire @rostiger and, on a serious note, I print articles using Firefox’s reader view (you can adjust font and size and stuff and it keeps everything consistent) double sided black and white on A5 paper and use binder clips to hold them together... it’s a good reading experience, articles go on my bookshelf so I can reread or give them away

@flip @neauoire @rostiger A modern laser printer (less waste in terms of plastic ink cartridges) uses 1 watt per 4 printed pages (if you calculate it by watt hours)

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